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more dance pics

the third one isn't me, but i thought it was cool :)
and my arms are a little wonky in the first one but whatever.

i've got some explaining to do...

OKAY, so i posted a blog on here the other day saying that i'd have a vid of me practicing some irish dance drills up by today, but some ah..... unforseen complications came up (basically, my webcam is being kind of a b***ch today) and i can't make a video. so i'll post some pics right now of me doing some jumps and stuff.

comment or message letting me know what you think!

Krazy Kat

Question for whoever decides to read this

so, i'm an irish dancer and i'm getting ready for the new england regionals which are coming up in november (fingers crossed i qualify for nationals this year!). i was wondering if anyone wanted to see a video of me practicing a little- like doing some drills or something, just to show you guys what irish dance is really like. you guys dig it?

if you do, just message me or comment on this post, letting me know! and if i get enough response, i'll try and have a video up tomorrow or sunday.

Krazy Kat

First week of high school

So, this has been my first week of school (HIGH SCHOOL mind you) and it's gone pretty well so far. I've met a lot of new people, including this one junior in my Chinese class that has his hair dyed bright red like Gee's! (well, it's kind of pink now because he dyed it like a month ago, and it's fading but whatever.)My friends are all really cool and my classes seem all right. No one shoved me into a locker and locked me in, which was my worst fear. So far it's going great. Wish me luck in my next week!!!

Keep running!
Krazy Kat


God Bless everyone who died 10 years ago today. Even though I don't remember, I'll never forget. <3 +


God Bless everyone who died 10 years ago today. Even though I don't remember, I'll never forget. <3 +