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Story part 9

The next day was the final straw. I was walking to one of my classes with her, when Owen came up behind us and shoved her to the ground. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE who saw what happened stared laughing at her. All the books she was holding crashed to the floor and her nose started to bleed like nobody's business. I whirled around and glared down at Owen. "ALL RIGHT, YOU NEED TO LAY OFF OF HER YOU ASSHOLE!" I yelled giving him a shove for good measure. "Whaddaya gonna do about it.... freak?" He asked returning the shove.

story part 8

That night I was hanging out with luke in his basement listening to some music and telling him about what happened  that day with Owen. "He really told you to stop going out with me?" He asked. "Yup. But I chose you okay? You should never worry about if I would be with anyone else. We've been through so much together, how could I not love you?" Luke smiled and pulled me closer to him. "You're the strongest person I know." He said to me. I smiled. "Really?" He nodded. "Believe me. All the 'jocks' at school ain't got nothin on you, Juliet."
I could feel my eyes filling up.  "Oh God.

story part 7

That went on for about a week. Each day, there was a new picture. On Wednesday, there was a picture of me and Luke kissing with "WHORE" written on it. There was a picture of me with a beer in my hand from a party with "SLUT" on it on Thursday. By Friday, I'd had enough. "HEY! BASTARD! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" I yelled at him when I saw him in the hall that day. "What do you want?" Owen asked me with major 'tude. "First of all, I don't need your sass. Second of all, what's up with the pictures on my locker?" He smirked. "I have no idea what you're talking about." I raised my eyebrows. "Really?

story part 6

"It's good to be back." I said as I strode through the doors to school 5 months later. No ones hair besides mine was pink anymore, thank God. If everyones hair was still pink I would've been so embarrassed. "YOU'RE BAAACCCKKK!" Alex yelled as she ran towards me to give me a hug. "I was so lonely without you! I had no one to sit with at lunch, or, or to secretly text during class or any of the fun stuff we do together! I missed you so much!" I laughed. "Alex! Calm down.

story part 5a

A week later, she had her first treatment. She didn't react very well. Juliet could barley keep anything down and was throwing up for most of the afternoon. I was right by her side the whole time. "IhatethisIhatethisIhatethis..." she said over and over again through tears. The same thing was going through my head. "I hate SEEING you like this." I told her. "Thanks you so much for staying with me, Luke. I realize this isn't very attractive." When she had gone fifteen minutes without throwing up, she got back into her bed, and I sat with her again.

story part 5

"...... What?" I said as I could feel my eyes watering. Luke pulled me towards him as I started sobbing harder than I ever had before. My dad came towards us and put a hand on my shoulder. "You're okay." He said. The doctor was standing awkwardly at the door and cleared his throat. "We're moving you into the oncology unit this afternoon. You're going to spend a few months there, until your immune system is back up to par.

story part 4

This one was really hard to write, but it's really good.


Her monitors were gone when I woke up, which was a good sign. That meant she was stable. "Juliet? Can you hear me?" I asked her. "It's me. Luke. I'm here, don't worry." I felt her fingers slowly tighten around mine. "You can hear me! I'm so happy." Then, to make it even better, her eyes opened. "OH MY GOD! YOU'RE AWAKE?!" She smiled a little and said weakly "I've been awake for about three hours. That's why my monitors and stuff are gone.

story part 3

"OH MY GOD!!!" I yelled as the car jumped to the side by about fifteen feet because a truck hit it like a gigantic lead weight. Glass shattered and rained down all over us, and there were verses of metal being crushed, a chorus of cracks (which I assumed were bones) and a final creshendo of tires sqeaking on the ground that all lead up to the sudden silence that comes after. She was knocked out, her head resting in my lap, her back arched over the center console. She'd been wearing her seat belt, but from the way the truck hit us it didn't do her much good.

story part 2

At school, I didn't see him but we were texting each other during one of my classes.
L: party's tommorow. get PUMPED!
J: the rents said i can't go.... but i'm going anyway. :)
L: lol you're such a rebel. pick you up at like 9?
J: yesh, but like a block away from my house okay? dont want mother dear to catch me sneaking out. uh oh. teach is looking. ttyl <3 your juliet
L: <3 your romeo
The next night, I told my mom I was doing homework. Ha. And she belived me. I slid slowly down the drain pipe near my room so I could get out without her knowing.

story part 1

Little bit of explaining:
Juliet's bf was started out as G, but then I changed it to my crush (Luke) so yeah.
Hope you like!

"WHY in the world is a person like you going out with an idiot like Owen?" My friend Alex asked. "He's cute! And there's no one else better really." I responded. "Ohh, you can do SOOO much better Juliet. He's unbearably stupid and he thinks he's all that just because he's a lax bro." I raised my eyebrows and said "Yeah, but he's a middie. Undeniably the hottest posistion in boys lacrosse." She laughed. "All right, you got me there.