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Story part 3

The next day, I didn't see the guys or the cheerleaders from yesterday at all. Great. Alone all day. At least the three girls weren't there to bother me that day. But, I couldn't get the events of the day before out of my head. Clearly, the cheerleaders wanted me for some reason, or something I knew about.
Later that day, I looked up Gerard's number in the phonebook and tried to call him, but no one picked up the phone. I tried again five minutes later, but the same thing: no answer. What was up with them? I wondered. Did they want to hang out with me? Did I do something wrong the other day?

Story part 2

At lunch, I got my tray of food, paid and looked out at the huge cafeteria. I didn't see the guys, and I swear I looked at every table, so I went into the hallway to eat my lunch. When I sat myself down in the hall, I pulled out my iPod and plugged in again. As I ate my sandwich, the cheerleaders from the classroom in the morning were walking down the hall. I threw them a look and went back to my lunch. One of them walked to me and stood over me. I pulled out one of my headphones and said "Do you mind?

Story part 1

This is a repost of a story i wrote a while ago. hope you guys like it!

My first day of sophmore year at a brand new school. Yuck. This new school I was going to was't the best school either. As I walked in the front door, most people were staring at either my bright orange hair, my clothes, or my Converse. All except for four guys talking and laughing in front of the main office. They were dressed a lot like me.

Dear God, again?!? Why?

So there's this girl who started at my school at the beginning of the second term who during my eight grade year was really mean to me, and I saw her in the hallway today. She and her idiotic friends started laughing at me, my Green Day shirt and my lack of makeup, and I got wicked pissed off. So I did what any self- respecting punk would do: I stood up for myself. I said "Hey, I'm fine with the way I look and don't care what you have to say about me.

Why me?!?

So there's this girl who started at my school at the beginning of the second term who during my eight grade year was really mean to me, and I saw her in the hallway today. She gave me the once over and then started laughing at me and all her obnoxious friends joined in. Then she came up to me and said "Hey, I think there's a stain on your shirt.... oh wait, that's the band logo!" I wanted to punch her in the face SOOOO BADLY!!! But I didn't because I would've gotten suspended. So I just kept my head high, rolled my eyes at her and walked away.

I'm so scared D:

Okay, so this girl from my old school went to another school for the first half of the school year, and then for some reason decided to change schools when the second term started. Now, she's going to MY SCHOOL and she was SOOOOOOOOO mean to me in eight grade (last year). I'm sososososososo nervous that she's going to come at me again and try to do something mean again like she did last year (just as background she turned all my friends against me and made them think I was talking about them behind their backs even though I wasn't.

Short Story

part 1:
The service was beautiful. The flowers were beautiful. The casket was beautiful. But nowhere near as beautiful as her. Everywhere she went she radiated light, goodness, love. But I knew what was under that. There was pain, longing, disenchantment behind those sparkling blue eyes. I needed to help her, but I couldn't do anything. No amount of my talking to her, sitting with her on the bus or at lunch could snap her back to reality.

Quick little story I thought you might like.

I stood out on the frozen lake, a hollow shell of the girl I once was. I wished the milky white layer of ice would crack and take me away from my misery. No one would miss me. I wouldn't even miss me. The ice looked so thin, so fragile. Much easier than trying to cover up something I did. I closed my eyes as I breathed in the chill of winter. I loved the cool filling my lungs and sending a shiver through my whole body. I sat down cross- legged and took off my heavy wool peacoat. I sat in my black shortsleeved shirt and examined the quilt of scars that blanketed my forearms.


I prefer scissors over sparkles.
Drawn by me :D just saying. thought you guys might like this. usually I suck at drawing but this one turned out kind of half decent.

I'm a complete and total idiot part like 5
(read these and hen you'll know where im coming from...)

OKAY. Now i'm really fucking pissed off. This idiot and his girlfriend broke up like two weeks ago and i'm pretty much over him now. The other day he comes up to me and tells me he wants me back! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! After how he treated me, that won't be happening.