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krazykatkilljoy's blog

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riddle me this, killjoys: why can't I have my own paradise? why can't i be in my dream guy's arms, why can't i have straight a's, why can't i be the best at my favorite thing in the world.... why can't i have my own personal paradise? i want to be cool. I don't want the obnoxious popular girls to make fun of me every time i wear a band tshirt. i want the guy i've been crushing on since forever to actually see that i like him. i want to live in my own paradise.

sorry this was such a downer. you probably don't want to see that on a saturday afternoon.
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my birthday's on monday! i'm so excited :D but you guys probably wont care. no one ever reads my blogs.....
ANYWAYS, in really really really happy news, a friend of mine had her last chemo treatment the other day!!!! I'm so proud of you, sierra that you fought and won :') you're the strongest girl i've ever met.
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Inspiration loss...... ugh.

I'm stuck. I have such bad writer's block, I literally sat there in front of my computer staring at a blank word document for an hour trying to come up with an idea. so you guys probably won't see much of me until i come up with something good and worth showing you guys. hey, if anyone wants to co-write something with me, just message me! i'm open to anything.
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Not a Valentine's day blog......

But a rock music news blog.... GREEN DAY STARTED WORKING ON THEIR NEW RECORD TODAY!!!! I'm so fucking excited, words can't even describe how excited I am :DDDDDDDDDDD I hope you guys are excited too.
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a friend of mine made this. she's SOOO funny and really wants this video to go viral. share with all your friends! and have them share it and so on. i helped her pick the music. if that helps.

Rock in peace!
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i'm gonna be single on valentine's day.... YET AGAIN! whoopdie doo. is anyone else gonna be single like me? or is it just me? oh well.... hopefully i'll get a candygram at school..... but i probably won't. i don't really think anyone likes me. so yeah. forever alone on valentine's day. this is just great. go team single.

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People are idiots/ single on Valentine's Day (AGAIN!)

Does anyone agree with me? Like Scar says in the lion king "I'm SURROUNDED by idiots." My friends tried to convince me to do something I didn't want to do, and they were so surprised when they got grounded for sneaking out at 9:30 and huffing weed, but I DIDN'T because I didn't want to. Now I have no one to do anything with this weekend, so you'll probably see a lot of me during the next few days.

Now for the second part of this blog.
I'M GONNA BE SINGLE ON VALENTINE'S DAY AGAIN! w00t w00t 15 years running. I like to stick with tradition.

Story part 5

A month went by, and it was time. Our forces were smaller than their's by a long shot. Gerard and I were standing in the center of our front defense line, holding hands and I asked him "How many of those guys were ours?" His eyes scanned their huge army and said "A lot of them." Then, he let go of my hand and turned around to talk to our army. "Everyone! Hold your lines where we place you. Stand up to them and fight! Rory and the other archers, take to the trees. Stay there utill you're needed on the ground.

Story part 4

We walked into his house and I couldn't belive what I was seeing. His house was a modge podge of just about every ninja movie I'd ever watched. There were throwing stars with broken points on a workbench in the corner, a knife under the bench, two sets of nunchucks hanging on hooks on the wall, and just about every other ninja death toy you could think of. "What is going on in here? Is this your little death factory or something?" I asked him. He moved some of the stuff off of the workbench and said "Don't ask and don't touch. Now here's the battle plan.