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I quit at life

I quit. At life. Raise the white flag , i surrender. I tried texting my best friend and he didnt text me back or talk to me at all today, im fairly certain none of my friends like me, i just dont want to do this anymore. I quit.


Oh God

I seriously have to turn the news off right now. I feel like I'm going to get sick.

What in the world would possess someone to do something as horrific as this? Why would you want to kill innocent children? They've got the holidays to look forward to, their birthday, losing their last tooth, middle school, high school, getting accepted into the college of their dreams, graduation, their wedding, their entire lives to look forward to. Why would you want this on anyone?

I can't even begin to imagine the pain some families are feeling right now.

In light of today's tragedy, I propose a new law:

I propose a new law: People who are certifiably crazy shouldn't be allowed to carry anything more dangerous than a spoon because of tragedies like today.

That is all. Thoughts, love and prayers go out to everyone in Newtown.

hey look i'm back

me singing "Hold On Till May" by Pierce the Veil, for someone very special to me.

comment and maybe read some of my stuff on my blog :)



who has two thumbs and is quite excited that her house has power again?! THIS GIRL!!!!! We've gone almost a week without power and National Grid was being a bunch of idiots and kept trying to tell us that we had power back when we most certainly didn't.

This fucking hurricane...

So i still have no power in my house right now because of this stupid hurricane. We also have no cable and no internet because a tree that fell in front of my house ripped the power, cable and internet lines off our house. Fun fun right? So now we have live power lines on the grass in my front yard which national grid says to stay away from because theyll probably catch on fire if theyre moved too much. Awesome. Just how I wanted to spend Halloween. Anyways, my costume is going to be SICK!! Im being Ashley Purdy from BVB and Morgan is being Andy Biersack.

Various Happenings

First off: Happy October, everyone! Only 29 days until Halloween- better start getting those costumes ready :) i'm going to be a zombie irish dancer this year, and i'm so pumped. this'll be an amazing costume :D

Second off: I have a part of something that I'm thinking about showing you guys, but i'm not sure it's ready yet. maybe a bit more fine tuning, some tweaks here and there, and it'll be good.

Thirdly: My bio teacher lost 3 of my homework assignments and now i have a D+ in her class. Thanks Ms. H.

And finally, the picture is of me and my best friend (aka unbiological sister) Morgan

Note to self:

Don't ever ever EVER EVER go on Wikipedia and read about what illness you might possibly have ever again. The school nurse thinks it might be mono, and now i think my spleen's gonna explode if i move too much. fuck.
Anyways, that's just what we think it is, no guarantees yet. I don't have any mono symptoms other than feeling something hitting against my ribs on my left side. but i have a doctors appointment tomorrow to figure out why i'm sick, so i'll give you guys an update then.

and have this picture of me and my doggie Kipper. I know, i look really gross. don't judge.
Peace love and rock

Go away whatever illness i have. no one likes you.

i hate being sick. i seriously feel like i'm going to get so sick all over everything, my nose is all stuffed up, i can't breathe very well. Gross. Anyways, thanks to the three people who responded to my last blog about finding a writing partner, you guys are awesome! hopefully whatever bug i have will fade quickly so we can really delve into writing.

and here, have this picture of me. i look really sad because i am because i hate being sick.
Peace love and rock and roll,
cup of hot raspberry tea with extra honey in it, here i come. to the Keurig!