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Hopes for 2014

-That my mind will be kinder this year.
-That I'll start getting my music out more.
-That I'll be able to get my band together ( :D )
-That I'll be able to watch more Doctor Who.
-That I'll feel more comfortable with myself.
-That I'll finally hit 1000 followers on tumblr.
-That I'll finally recall at National.
-That I'll qualify for World.

That's about it. Happy new year everyone.
xoxo RJ

been a while.

Sorry about that. i've been really busy in general. i'm so sorry to have completely abandoned you guys, i'll try and get back into the swing of things, it's just hard right now. sorry.
xoxo h

Hero of War

It was a muggy summer day, the air heavy and thick. He was expecting a letter in the mail today. "Frank, babe, there's something for you!" Gerard called when he was flipping through the small pile of taxes and bills they had to find some way to pay.
"Really?! Let me see." Frank said, his eyes alight. When he was handed the letter he ran back up the stairs, two at a time. That wasn't like him, he always opened mail around Gerard. Come to think of it, Gerard's husband had been acting oddly for the past few weeks, like he was hiding something from him.
"Frank, what's up?

Boredom and history and oneshots, OH MY!

The best part of sitting in the back corner of the class is that you can read on your laptop the entire time and make it look like you're reading the assignment the teacher told you to read. I know, I know what you're all thinking (probably) "RJ, you should be doing your work so you can get into college," but I wrote the story that's going to follow this so be happy with me. We were talking about WWII during history today and then this happened after The Ghost of You came up in my iPod shuffle.... funny thing is, this was the actual assignment we were supposed to do, but oh well. here you go:

Random (kind of depressing) thoughts.....

Sometimes, I wish could get in an accident, like a car accident or something to that effect. Not bad enough that I’ll be seriously injured, but bad enough that I’ll need to stay in the hospital for a while, just to see who would visit me. I wonder who would take time out of their day to see me, make me feel better, help take my mind off the situation. I wonder if Luke would, or Sarah, or Morgan, or other Sarah, or the twins, or anybody else I know. I wonder about Luke the most though. If he’d care enough to see me. He probably wouldn’t.

Sorry about my depressing rant guys.

i quit at life

there's all these stupid voices in my head, every day that won't ever shut up. they're always telling me "you're never going to be good enough, you'll never have any friends, you're going nowhere in life," and they never shut up. everyone hates me, i know it. they' re just pretending to like me for my sake, or as some sick joke or something, but i know its not real. i cant do anything right. i haven't eaten in God knows how long, all because of these fucking voices. I'm sorry for putting such a damper on your Thursday.
xoxo RomeoVersusJuliet

holy Jesus I'm excited

so i was in English class today and were doing some research on different forms of mental illness for a paper we're working on for A Catcher In The Rye, and a really cool (in an unsettling sort of way) idea for a story hit me: what if one o the Way brothers (in the beta I've got going now, Mikey) was a schizophrenic and his "brother" was one of his hallucinations? I'm soooo excited about this guys, youve got no idea. once its done it'll be posted on here and on ficwad chapter by chapter for your reading pleasure, so until then I'm going to be signing off for a bit so i can focus on it.


I’ve realized in the past few days that I’m not anyone’s first choice. I could make plans with someone weeks in advance, but then a better offer comes along that they decide to take instead. I never get picked to be dance captain for performances and shows. I’m always one or two dancers away from the solo, but someone’s always better than me.

So, I’m never anybody’s first choice. I’m always second, or third, but most of the time I”m last.

Question that would require a bit of help please

So I really want to learn how to play Cancer and/ or Early Sunsets over Monroeville on piano.... would anyone happen to have the sheet music or a video tutorial for either? If you do that would be GREATLY appreciated, as I have an open mic performance next month and I need to get started learning as soon as possible.


I quit at life part two

I seriously just want to stay in bed all day and listen to music. Is that so much to ask? I don't want to have to deal with people and school and flying Oreos every day. I wish that I could stay in bed and not have to go to hell- I mean school every day and still get into Pratt. I wish i didn't have to deal with idiots calling me a death goth and a freak and asking to see my cuts, even though i don't self harm.

Please excuse the interruption, return to your regularly scheduled programming.
xoxoxo RJ