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Tumblr: #Operation Cute

Hello, because of the bad news on I've started
#Operation Cute
for the #MCR
and the #My Chemical Romance
tags on tumblr
Please join if you have one, we can all share in photos of cute puppies, kittens and more, maybe some hugs around.
I know it's hard, i just stop crying and my eyes hurt.
My tumblr is GerardCrane btw.

Merge collab

With my soul sister.
I drew my Killjoy OC on left, she did her's on the right.
Komputer and Acid Bat roasting marshmellows while listening to the ol' radio.
Radio says: "7 Dracs dusted"
© please don't alter/steal
Don't be afraid to ask if you want to do a collab like this! c:

Original Killjoy Character?

Made mine last night, I'm still working on her back story and origins.
How is she?
Anyone else have a Killjoy OC?
Drawn by me, so please don't steal/ alter c:

Newbie here!

Hey, I'm a newbie sign up here, but i've been apart of the MCRmy for years now c:
I'm an artist so have a few drawing of the band I did in MS Paint awhile back, please don't steal.
Feedback is always welcome and glad to be here.
I hope to make many friends and meet some great Killjoys on here.