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Happy Birthday to my favourite guitar god!

so much love for this guy (even though I don't know him but hey)
(I know I'm never on here anymore and it's not cause I've gone off the site or anything - it's just cause I use the internet in general a whole lot less :) )
carry on xo

Gerard at reading and leeds

Hey, so you've probably all heard about Gerard set to perform his solo stuff at Reading and Leeds festivals. It's pretty exciting (unfortunately I won't be able to go because ticket prices have increased ridiculously over the past few years). Obviously I'd love to be able to go and try to meet him.

to those of you currently in or who have been in bands:

I have questions for you:
How did you meet your fellow members?
Where do you practice?
Do you argue a lot?
What kind of stuff do you play?
Do you do any gigs of any kind?
This may seem like an odd blog but basically there's a very very slim chance my old band might be starting up again (if not I'll still be looking for a new one) and I'd just like to hear about your experiences with your bands bc if I'm honest - my last band experience was just insane. It was a total fuckin' shitstorm and it makes me want to impale my face on a very long metal rod just thinking about it. So comment? xo

Argh the eternal struggle that is titling!

Hey, I've deleted all my old blogs and I'm starting afresh. This post is pretty much just to say that and that as you know, a couple of days ago was the 20 year mark since Kurt Cobain committed suicide. I like to think that if Kurt had held on that there would have been one or two more amazing nirvana albums and that he'd be better now...but unfortunately things didn't work out that way. RIP to one of the greatest rock musicians of all time, and I still wonder what rock would sound like today if he was still around - he truly was a song-writing genius.
Carry on