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KobraPartyGhoul's blog

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The Rumor-Umbrella Academy Cosplay

I know this is just a Gerard Way thing but I thought I'd find more fans of Umbrella Academy here than anywhere else! Please watch! and give your opinion :)

My Chem Covers

I covered a few My Chem songs like Headfirst For Halos, Ghost Of You, and Cancer and Blood. Please check it out! and honest opinions are appreciated if they are done with kindness.

"Blood" Cover

I covered Blood by MCR for International Cover Day. ITS A JOKE lol

Summertime-Frank and Gerard Video

This is a video I made to the song "Summertime" which features Frank and Gerard mainly, it's not a romantic type video(though there is a clip of them kissing). Its a video to show that Frank has been there for Gerard through all the bs and they always will be :) I used clips from the real music videos and other things, but I do not own any material used. it all belongs to MCR