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Gerard Way Safe And Sound Music Video

Replaced some spots with Frank and Gerard. Enjoy!

Coolest Little Killjoy

my 9 year old's brother's homework aw

3 year old singing "I Don't Love You"
3 year old singing "Welcome To The Black Parade"

my God Daughter has always loved MCR and she ADDDOOORRREEEESSSS Gerard and oh man. But anyway, her favorite songs are I Don't Love You and WTTBP and she knows every word to every song and I recorded her singing along one day soo yeap

Party Poison Music Video

Made this for fun. let me know what ya think!

My Chemical Romance Linoleum Cut

I cut into a piece of linoleum and made this. This was my 2nd favorite print :)

Frank Iero Famous Person Project

I had a project to pick a person who is inspiring/has changed the modern world. And I chose Frank because he makes me realize that "the world is not better off without me". We had to pick images and quotes that tell a story of his life and I did my very best to do so. It's a 15x15 board with sharpies. Please let me know what ya think!!

This Is How I Disappear-Official Fanmade Video

Please let me know what ya think!!

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison-Official "fanmade" Video

This is a trailer of sorts for the "Letters to 015694" fan fiction on tumblr. I have some clips from various MCR performances and the movie I Love You Phillip Morris. The fanfic is here:

The Sharpest Lives (Fanmade Music Video)

Please check this out! I worked super hard on it and I wanna know what you guys think!