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It's Not A Fashion Statement "Official" Fanmade Music Video

Music Video I made for the song "It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Deathwish" by My Chemical Romance. I used clips from live performances of the song, as well at clips from the "Famous Last Words" "Sing" "Na Na Na" and "I Don't Love You" music videos, and clips from Sherlock, Across The Universe, and Dark Shadows. Let me know what ya think!

Skylines And Turnstiles-Official Fanmade Video (9/11 Tribute)

This is a tribute to the beginning of MCR as well as 9/11. Let me know what you think, please!

Calling MCR Fan Artists! --->Gerard and Frank Fan Blogs

I created two new blogs on tumblr, one for Frank and one for Gerard (I'll make a MIkey and Ray later if these don't prove to be too much for me to handle)

Anyway, here are the links, I figured you guys may wanna check them out, it's completely porn and ship free so everyone can enjoy it and not get offended, keep in mind they just started yesterday so there aren't a ton of posts yet but the main reason I'm posting this is because I know the MCR fanbase has some AMAZING artists and I want to put up the art you guys make.
(Here is what I recently posted on tumblr)

Dear MCR Fan Artists,


Destroya - Official Fanmade Video

A ton of people on tumblr asked me to make this, and I did, so here it is. Let me know what ya think?

The Only Hope For Me Is You (Fanmade Music Video)

Thought it'd be a cute video if I mixed some ships into it. Let me know what ya think!

Pencey Prep-Florida Plates music video

based on the Dove Keeper story, so enjoy

Disenchanted - Official Fanmade Video

I worked so frickin hard on this! Please let me know what ya think!!

Frerard-I Wanna Be Yours (just a fun video)
Little MCR Fan

My God Daughter (3 yrs old) took my ipod the minute I came in the door and sat down and started watching MCR music videos. It's been half an hour and she has not moved. Every time Gerard pops on the screen she goes "GEE!" haha so cute.

Cemetery Drive Official Music Video

Yeah it's fan made but I worked super hard on it so let me know what ya thinK!