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The Outlaw Gang (a fanfiction) A real chapter

Jeepers Creepers people liked it! Color me surprised! Thanks Killjoys! I hope you like this next installment!

The last thing they expected was a girl. Really a mutant was on the list but not some girl and a fat dog.
Kobra Kid kept his gun pointed at the girl scowling at him.
She had thick brown hair that was down to her mid back and was messy from sleep.

So that fanfiction thing

So I posted up some fanfiction and no one has said anything about it and I'd like to get feedback from my fellow Killjoys on this subject.

I mean I'm not trying to spam but I did work hard on it and I would just like little yay or nay on it from all you lovelys.



The Outlaw Gang (a fanfiction)

I have two takers on my fanfiction! I will take it and post up some of my baby.

I started this when I got the CD forever ago and I will give you a little background.
Axel Snap- She is based off my ex-best friend and I think I will carry her image as best as I can from back then.
Candy Pop- She is based off my good friend G. And we will leave it at G, she is pretty dull witted but mega sweet and kind hearted.
Techno Rat- Based on me,you can not like her if you want, I don't care.
I will make this a little romanical. I love Mikey and I don't care that it's creepy.
Come along for the read won't

Can I pose a question?

Ello lovelys, that Gerard kissing gif is for all of you, look at you, so pretty and what a good taste in music.

So I need to pose a question....

If I post up some fanfiction would anyone read it? I have no joke three MCR fanfics and I feel like a mega dork but I figured you guys could dig it.

I mean I will if I have even one taker...I am such a loser.

Well Killjoys and MCRmy loyals let me know.

Always yours,

I think I'm derpin' out

I feel like really really dumb. And judge me if you wish but I had never watched two MCR videos..shit no I did.... Okay I watched I'm Not Okay and Teenagers before I met my now ex best friend which I gotta say was harder to leave that my first boyfriend and only having one ever I thought I'd be clingy....

Moving on....

So this site confuses me...not gonna lie. The whole no notification think for comments on my blogs is annoying and I've sent two messages and I feel like I'm just talking to myself which I'm okay with but not in a message on the web.

I do know that I love the gifs I put up that



I can't even begin how nuts I was all day today! I have been bouncing off the wall with so much energy it's crazy!

My mom agreed to buy me the "¡VENGANZA!" Vest off the MCR webstore and I thought I was going to explode.
I showed her it last night and she said 'Okay sure.'
She promised to get it for me today and all day I was running around like I was on speed.
I had drama today and knocked out my pantomime and got to do two.
I connected to kids in my writing class for like the first time really really connected with them.
I got to have a conversation with my crush

Have you ever wanted to disappear?

Wow, I've never felt the need to post like I have today, I'm not gonna lie, I am impressed with myself.

Well okay I normally write more but in the form of fictions but still this is damn good as it goes.

What else can I rave about? Well besides how much I love that Gerard changes his hair. I mean really that is kind of wonderful. I'm waiting for bubble gum pink so I can call him Tonks for the Harry Potter fan in me. I mean really we can all see it. No no, blue I think is the one I can't see him doing. Maybe because it's been red and I don't think it would frame well.

My Love Might be Too Much to handle

So aside from my great taste in shows I think I have a problem.

My problem is about 5'2'' 100 some pounds and my ex-best friend, and I know that that spells drama but when that is the only language she speaks there isn't much I can do.

So let me break this down a little.
Me and this awesome chick where two lonely awkward teens just entering the hell known as high school and in choir together.
The director asked to say our names and one thing we like, she said MCR and seeing a golden chance I said MSI...okay not my brightest move.
And after a few weeks of stupid teen girl stuff she caught me

Let's try this blogging thing again

So about this blogging thing....

How do you even start a blog? I mean really really? Well anyway...

I think I'll start off this sinzz-nip off with an ode to my undying love for MCR.....
Scrap that. That sounds reeeeeeeallllllyyyy creepy....Slender Man creepy.

But they are the shit, I mean really really. I should be eating right now but have been ruining my ear drums with Professional Griefers and music from Jet Set Radio Future, which is just fine by me. Oh and chatting with a fellow fan, my wicked sick cousin.

But I guess all good blogs (The only ones I've ever pretended to read are ones