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An important note

Turns out I am not cool enough to stop gravity.
I was on my couch thinking 'Wow I haven't been upside down in a long time.'
That should have been the red flag telling me I was doing something stupid like Mikey sticking a fork in a toaster.
So there I was upside down, feet on the living room wall. And enjoying TV while I was upside down and suddenly gravity...
I tried to stop from myself by you know flailing arms like the only way one can when fighting gravity.
So I flipped around like a moron and landed on my arm, thank god not my head and made a huge slam.
I woke the dog and my mom.

The Outlaw Gang (a fanfiction)

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy this is just a teaser mid chapter. Please enjoy!

“She’s hot, I’ll give her that.”
“Yeah, and she kicks pretty good.”
Party Poison and Kobra Kid were talking and heading over to Axel Snap.
“Girl, Girl come on wake up, we have to go.”
Techno Rat heard the stirring of the small girl, she yawned, “Are they coming too?” she was rubbing her eyes.
“No, honey they have to stay here.” Party Poison said gently as if ‘they’ (being the girls) were toys in a shop.
“But, I don’t want to leave them.” Girl said with

The Outlaw Gang (a fanfiction) A real chapter 3

So you should all know that this started out as ten little pages and was left on my computer for a really long time. I'm glad you guys like it and I want you to know you inspire me.

“So you guys have been traveling for awhile, and on foot. Ouch.” Fun Ghoul said throwing an empty can behind him.
“Why don’t you just drive?” Girl asked looking up at Axel Snap because Girl was sitting in Axel Snap’s lap.
“Gah you’re so cute!” Axel Snap hugging the small girl and dropping her empty can into the sand and dirt.
Techno Rat and Candy Pop

So I guess it wasn't so bad.

Lucky for me my cousin wasn't here and now I get to roll around in happy fullness. I'm done being sad thanks to my mama. I now have to wait for pie and idk if I'll make it with the wine in my system and already being sleepy. Hope your holiday was just as good Killjoys!

Happy day of chub.

This sucks

This really sucks, I don't want to go and be the odd one out with nothing special. All the shit I think about me that is awesome is so belittled in my family. And I'm quite and I don't like big groups so this is just awful.
I hate big family things and now I have to go and suffer the cheap shots and not be offered alcohol and just sit and try not to gag on the 'perfect' happening in the room.
All I want is to stay home with just my mom and dog and write. I want it to be a normal Thursday and not a holiday.

Please just shoot me,

I've found the perfect outfit to do this thing

Yeah I found the perfect out fit to do this joke on my family, Idk how my mom will react but I have black lipstick, I think that might be a little too much. I need to paint my nails black but I did find a black ribbon and that is nice and snug on my neck.
My outfit is
A left over Halloween shirt with a web and spider
Black legings (fucking tore near my crotch....fuck me its awkward)
Green and blach loose mini-ish skirt
and my trusty ankle combat boots.
I have converse, they are a little beat up and I painted the toes green and pink, idk what would look better but the boots over lap the

It's been done!

Eek, gross, its me. I freaking hate that but its done! Yes I sprayed my chestnut brown hair black and green all for the sake of freaking them out.
Don't be grossed out but I had to do that shit in my bra which is now a little gray and that's okay because its got a giant red spot from being sprayed in fake blood for a zombie walk.
Now I need to scrub my skin because I too am a little gray and that will ruin the whole joke.

Wish me luck Killjoys!

Happy Turkey Day or something

So I have to go to my aunts, lucky me and attending this feast will most likely be my stupid chipper cheerlead captain softball playing football star dating fucking second cousin.
Not to mention my first cousin (who is her father) who is a raging ass-hat. I mean I write and hang out with my friends and that translates into I'm the quite emo black sheep of the family and really I'm sick of it. So they want an emo? An emo they shall get.
I am in the process of spray dying my brown hair black and then I have spray in neon green that I'll top off with.

The Outlaw Gang (a fanfiction) A real chapter 2

I am really glad you guys like this little piece I got going on, let me know what you think as always and check out that Youtube link, its Professional Griefers, my current obsession.

“Now then gentlemen.” Techno rat spoke as Candy Pop tossed the aqua-blue gun to her, “How did you get here?”
“Our car.”
Axel Snap turned and pointed the stolen gun at the one with the yellow jacket on, “Name.” she said shortly.
“Fun Ghoul, that’s Jet star.” He nodded to the one next to him; the one wearing leather red, white and blue jacket.

No no no no no no NO!

No no no no no no no! God damnit and fuck right off! My beautiful Limited Edition "¡VENGANZA!" Vest and USB is on back order! BACK ORDER!

I mean come on it's limited edition! What if there are no more! GOD DAMNIT SO NOT FAIR!

I'm going back to the avengers...maybe that will get me out of my no fest...