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Funny, I heard me talking

So I have this problem. I mean it's not fair and I want to do something about it but I have no idea how to fix this unfair pile of crap.
Okay heres the issue.
So I love my older sister, like to death, she's like a second mother to me but the thing is her kid the the fucking devil. Okay maybe not the devil but some kind of demon.
He flips out about everything not to mention eats my saved for rainy day snacks and fucks up my Xbox.
Okay that doesn't sound so bad but here's the thing he's got metal issues, fine.

A little snipit of my life.

No cute gifs today friends.

So I've been trying to fight it my best on my own, but I just can't anymore. I have depression and I can't fight on my own.
The weight of the world has been pressing down on me. My chest feels hollow and I feel numbing sadness all the time. I can't fight alone anymore.

I can write all I want, I can run from it but I need help. I understand.

I've been offline for a while now because seeing all the blogs from you my fellow Killjoys was killing me. I want to help all of you like I wanted help when I was younger. I can't help without being helped myself.

I'm trying to

The Outlaw Gang (a fanfiction) A real chapter

Thanks for the wait and as promised I have delivered another little slice of awesome.
A few notes:
One the lines if you notice are getting less and the little infinity symbols are closing in and that is the tracker. When we get to the first symbol you'll see whats up.
Two, just thanks to people that read this I mean really, I love having people like my work and when I did it so long ago it means a lot. So thanks again.

After a few quick lessons and getting gas from the pumps the small gaggle of outlaws headed out to

Little Things

Heyo world of Killjoys, been a little bit since last I posted, and the title of this blog is only as is because I love Good Charlotte and am listening to them as I type.

So good news, I made it into that play I was raving about, I didn't get the part I wanted but I am playing Sarah Good which will be it's own challenge, the most will be I hardly have any lines and that bugs the shit out of me, I mean I knocked the other chick's performance out of the bloody water and now I hardly get a part. Whatever, not like I'm bitter.

Next Broadway star? Unlikely.

Hey every Killjoy!

Hey I was wondering if I could get some feed back either here or on YouTube. I have an audition at school to be in the play. And I want to know what you think, please I gave the information in the video but the volume is low and my mic is shitty.

I'm going out for Betty in The Crucible and before I get my hopes up too high I'd like to get some feedback.



SO what, you want a retraction? For Being so Awesome?

What in the hell is wrong with you people! I post one blog about how I think suicide is awful and you all jump down my fucking throat? Seriously?

You gang up on me really? I have long ass comments I am not even doing to bother to read because I saw 'bitch' and 'cold' and 'heartless'. I AM ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND HEY!


You wanna bitch and moan fine, I really don't care. I don't, it's not my god damn problem.

I think suicide is stupid. I think nothing in this big world should make you WANT to hurt yourself.

You kill yourself and you are leaving behind family, friends, loved

There are no words

There are not enough words to describe how fundamentally pissed off I am in this moment.

I order my pretty MCR bulletproof vest. Click click and it's done. THEN I get an email an hour later saying it is on back order.
I panic and email, 'Well will I still get it' but more formal.

A WEEK GOES BY with no answer.

I email AGAIN to ask if anyone will email me back.

I get.

Your item is on back order.

Well no fucking shit. So fine whatever I'm sitting at home and get another email.

We regret to inform you your item has been...get this...


We didn't charge you (and if they did hell

It sucks being so awesome

So it really fucking sucks being as cool as I am, and by that I mean being an A, voice of the school, volunteering, unpopular super star of my school.

My day starts out (at it's busiest)
At the announcement room being the chipper happy upbeat morning music girl.
Off to math, late as always; Acing trying to understand what new is being throwing at me. Luckily I get a wicked awesome teacher.
Then Drama, once again acing, high grades volunteering to improve my skills. Get disapproving looks from the average kids and chuckles from the ones in Drama Club
Then a short break to catch my breath,

Two Years it turns out what I THOUGHT was six months that was the break between my writings for The Outlaws and now was not six months....

It's been two years.


I mean. WOW! Two years and I pick it up like it was nothing. I mean that is really impressive. I mean really two years.

I got the Killjoy's album and rolled with it but got bored and had other little MCR baby stories toddling about.
I have
I have the weirdest neighbors
Boarding house for drop out and losers
At a wake (Which I am kind of working on)
I'm working on Wake when I'm at school and refuse to do work/ have nothing

The Outlaw Gang (a fanfiction) A real long chapter

Okay, so this chapter is like super long because in the section I left it so I wrote and wrote and WROTE and before I knew it I needed a break so that's where I broke it.

“Anyone else feel awkward?”
“I got a hot chick in my lap, I’m good. OW!”
Axel Snap’s eyebrow twitched as she nursed her now sore elbow and Fun Ghoul rubbed his chest.
“That hurt ya know.” He whined.
“Get over it.” Axel snapped.
“You’re not the only one on a lap.” Techno Rat commented from the front seat on Kobra Kid’s lap.
“I am sorry about