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No worries or anything, just cryptic messages of my personal confusions.

I don't know why I do this. What's the gain? It doesn't hurt, it doesn't draw attention. But it does make me feel much better.

(don't bother commenting, I'm just posting for the personal gain of speaking my thoughts)

Lost a Best Friend Today

That pretty much says it all. It's sad, you see. Really sad. I posted something on Twitter about how people never think anyone is ever there for them (addressing the people in my timeline that were all complaining) and she apparently thought it was an indirect to her. We've been going through some hard times but things have been getting better, until today that is. I checked her Tumblr (as I sometimes do, just to make sure she's okay as sometimes I worry about her mental stability, i.e.

Hi, Guys:3

How's life? The more I listen to Fake Your Death the worse mine gets. I'm not here to rain on parades though-- in fact I'm here to share them. Our dance company in town in doing a dance to Welcome to the Black Parade. It's beautiful and touching and it makes me cry. I'll post a video from the recital as soon as we have it. Basically, I'm the drummer/leader of the parade. This of course, lends to my confused mixture of happy and sad emotions. Love you guys. Talk to me about what's going on with you?