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im curious...

i was just thinking about the first time i saw mcr and how amazing it was and i was just wondering, when was the first time you saw mcr, what tour and where? and how did you feel?

the first time i saw them i was 13yrs old and it was on 2/25/07 during the black parade tour at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA with my mom, sister, my best friend, and some of my sisters friends. my mom traded tickets with my sister's friend's parents so my sister, her friends, and me and my friend had pit tickets and my mom and the other parents had seats.

guess whos ass Irene didn't kick??

soo i didnt lose power, the tornado didnt come near my house and my house didnt flood thank god! sadly i cant say the same for other people in my area:( hopefully everything will be back to normal fast!

praying for everyone who wasnt as lucky and for everyone else in the path of Irene.

just thought i'd come on and share the good news! but now im off to go help out my town with clean up, stay safe loveys!!

love always,
Pretty Poison


so right now my mom and sister are asleep, and my dad is out working emergency disbatch for my town and i cant sleep. Hurricane Irene just made it to where i live so now im basicly dealing with it on my own until the power goes out:( i fucking hate storms so im like freaking out!

:/ the wind is really whats freaking me out, i dont want our windows to break or the tree to fall on our house.

hope everything is going good around your areas killjoys<3

love always,
Pretty Poison

tornado warning and hurricane Irene

so now a tornado has touched down near my town and we have tornado warning. Irene isnt even completly in NJ yet and shit is going crazy:/ i have our hurricane kit ready and everything ready to go if we have to evacuate.
i may seem calm but honestly now im starting to get really scared. im more scared for my animals and the possiablity of my house getting messed up:/

please keep the east coast in your prayers<3 and like a girl said in the MCRmy NJ group #SingItForNJ & #SingItForTheEastCoast

love always,
Pretty Poison

p.s. this may be my last blog depending on the power.


this is wildwood beach NJ normally its hard to see the water from the boardwalk because the beach is so big now the water is under the boardwalk and in the streets:(


my mom, sister and I are sitting in our living room just waiting for that power to go out, cause we know it will. stay safe if you are also experencing Irene<3

also here is a map of all the shelters on the east coast and ways to donate to them!

love always,
Pretty Poison

waiting for a bitch named Irene to come to NJ...

Gerard Way:
[] Born in April
[x] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[x] Born a leader
[] You love drawing and you do it well
[x] You love singing
[x] You don't take crap from anyone
[x] You're afraid of needles [i hate them but i have tattoos and piercings:) ]
[] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first
[x] You have siblings and love them
[] You have brown/green eyes
6 out of 10
Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[] You play bass
[] You are near-sighted
[x] You wear glasses [only when reading by choice]
[x] You've had

waiting for irene

gonna make a playlist for my ipod, what are some songs i should download?? i already have all MCR, some rise against and Leathermouth. i used to have more but my ipod got messed up and i lost all my music:(

im off to get some coffee before Irene gets here!

stay safe everyone who is also in the path of Irene!

love always,
Pretty Poison

so proud!

i am so fucking proud of you boys, you make jersey proud! we fucking love you so much! you have come so far and have saved so many lives and its just amazing! i cant even express how happy i am for you and how amazing it feels to see how happy you boys are, i mean that smile on rays face while he was playing next to brian may just made me want to cry from being so happy.

you guys are fucking amazing, and i know you wont see this blog post but it just needed to be said!

my new hurricane buddy:)

help me name my unicorn:) it'll be my buddy through the hurricane lol and idc if im 17yrs old i love pillow pets XD

ya'll make me feel so old!

lol seriously!! i always see post about starting starting freshman year of highschool and im starting my senior year! my god i feel like it was yesterday when i was in 7thgrade! hahaha

anyway, olot of you guys were asking for advice for highschool, best i can give you is BE YOURSELF, i was so fake part of my frist year of highschool and it didnt help me make friends at all but once i acted like myself i made tons of friends<3 also ENJOY IT!!!! seriously it goes by soooo fast! join every activity you can and go to all the dances, it will be fun!!

hope that helps!

love always,
Pretty Poison