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trying to make a list of bands ive seen

(let me know what bands you have seen live! im curious to know:D )

so im trying to make a list of bands i've seen live over the years but i cant remember olot of them:( but heres the list i've made so far! and i am not spoiled or rich(or trying to brag), most of these bands were seen at bamboozle so it was in like the same day just lots of bands play at that. so yeah, just wanted to put that out there before i got any hate.

my chemica romance(7times), toby keith(idr how many times and i've seen other country singers that i cant remember lol), gwen stefani, black eyed peas, all american

to everyone starting school today

good luck! and have a great first day!! and for those of you starting highschool, hope you like it!!

lots of love,
Pretty Poison


so i applied for a job at my favorite store, Lush Cosmetics, and im really nervous, im scared that they'll call and say "come in for an interview!" and i'll go in and fuck it up or that they wont call and i wont get the job and i'll feel like a failure. idk i've never had a real job just a steady babysitting/child care job thing but gah im really nervous to the point where i am nauseas:( wish me luck killjoys, i really need it! lol<3

love always,
Pretty Poison

to all the killjoys and mcrmy!

if you ever need someone to talk to or just someone to listen you can always message me! im always here to talk! or shoot me an email at and i will get it on my phone and reply asap. just thought i'd share that with you because i want you all to know that your not alone and you always have someone to talk to!<3

now i have some serious cleaning to do while watching titanic lol ttyl!

love always,
Pretty Poison


i know hes not part of the band anymore and will prob never be a part again but i really do miss him, i mean he as pretty cool and 4out of the 7times ive seen my chem bob was the drummer and it was always an awesome time.


I hate myself. I fucking got drunk like an idiot, I was 31days sober:/ I'm such a fucking failure .


soo my sister just texted me and said that my uncle likes mcr, like holy shit i am soo suprised! and he said hes going to try and make it so we can meet blink and mcr!!! im soo fucking happy:) even if he cant its awesome of him to try<3 but like my uncle is so conservative and i just never thought he would like mcr so this is awesome!


i seriously can not believe that in 10days it will be 10years since the terrible day of 9/11. like fuck. i still cant talk about it without crying. im crying just typing this blog. 10years ago i thought my aunt was dead, she was supposed to be in the pentagon in a meeting in the part of the building where the plane hit. the meeting was cancled and she came to visit us as a suprise instead, i thank god everyday for her safety<3 i still remember being in 2nd grade watching the tv with my best friends hand in mine crying, watching the 2nd plane hit, watching the bodies fall. fuckk.

you are loved<3

if your down, listen to this song<3 i know it is nothing like my chemical romance but seriously this song is amazing and true and Josh Groban has an amazing voice. i love him:)

and you are loved, you are beautiful and you are worth living<3

love always,
Pretty Poison

posted this in the mcrmy nj fb group but im posting it here too:)

if you could create your dream tour with 3bands who would you choose?(even if the band is broken up or not alive)

i think mine would be My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, and Rise Aganist