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i find it funny

that in every fanfic i've read so far they have frank eatting meat in it when frank is a Vegetarian and has been since childhood i just find it kinda funny

anyway go veg! learn more about the treatment of animals and becoming a vegetatarian at trust me becoming a vegetatarian isnt that hard!


some gin and iced tea & reading some fanfics, great way to end the day<3

found my sister the perfect gift and i can actully get it for her thanks to my aunt! i love her 1000times more now!

whats up with all of you killjoys?
hope your all safe and happy!


anyone know a good fanfic?

any good fanfics to read? lemme know:D

cant stopp

i cantt stop listening to it! lol i love it soo much!

25 days till the concert! woot woot! lol im still working on my killjoy outfit! just gotta get some gloves and a jacket in case my party poison one doesnt come before the concert!

also if you havent made anything for the #singitforjapan get to it! the deadline is march 30th!



everyones sing it for japan things are awesome! im jealous mine looks soo bad lol but i guess its the thought that counts!

stay strong japan<3

i feel ive neglected this site

since the mcrmy website has been up i feel i've been neglecting this page

how is everyone?? hope your all safe in the zones!!

twitter and MCRmy

MCRmy account[add me!]

follow me on twitter :] i'll of course follow back

new baby on the way?!

yess! my friend is gonna have a baby, so im basicly going to be an auntie! im soo excited i cant wait to find out if its a boy or a girl!


im babysitting, i love this little girl so much<3 shes the best kid to babysit i hope my kids turn out like her

time for some school work

whats up killjoys? hows everyones day going?

tounge piercing?

anyone here have a tounge piercing? i want to get one but im scared it'll hurt haha im a big baby when it comes to getting pierced by professionals and idk haha i can pierce myself and be fine but others doing it scares me but i wont do my tounge myself since its dangerous.

i have my lips done[ i did them myself] and i had my industrial done and my nose and bellybutton but im scared of my tounge how does it feel??

oh and i have 5 tattoos so im not really afraid of pain its just the healing part i hate anyway tell me about your experience with it?