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just cleaned my entire shower with a old toothbrush and some cleaner now i feel accomplished! time to clean my hamster cage because she stinks lol then some call of duty black ops!

whats everyone up to?

hell yeah

i brought you my bullets
i had my revenge
i marched in the black parade
.....and now im a killjoy <3

i know i ask alot

but any good fanfics? i love reading them!

nerf guns

im 17 and my sister is 22 and i bought us nerf guns and we just had the time of our lifes running around the house shootin each other, i love her<3 aha i had so much fucking fun!


i really want to go to a shooting range, i always wanted to try shooting a hand gun and shotgun so i was thinking of asking my mom to take me to one but i have no idea where any are in NJ lol i've never really looked and my mom will prob think im crazy but i know my sister wants to try this too so maybe i can talk my mom into it

anyone here go to shooting ranges or ever shot a gun?
whats it like?

btw im not crazy its just something on my bucket list

hey! watch!

this video needs more love! seriously! its amazing and it really just helped me right now<3 i was in a shitty mood but it just made me put the razor down and feel so much better, honestly i cant tell you how many times this band has saved my life in the past 7 years, i love this band so much and i love this mcr family<3

spread this video and get it more love please!


i went to a lax game last night[i love the philadelphia wings lax team] i go all the time but i just find it funny how last nights game was sooo freaking good, everytime they scored i jumped up and had akward knees haha i must have looked like an idiot lmao

anyway off to the movies to see paul! bye!!

19days till mcr concert!!

~pretty poison

good morning killjoys!

i have yet to sleep, im going to take my permit test in about an hour or 2 so im pretty sure im going to fail again lol
right now im at my sisters waiting for my grandparents[who live in the house right next to my sister] to turn the kitchen light on so i can go visit them and get some coffee! and maybe breakfast?? i hope, my mom mom[thats what i can my mom's mother] usually spoiles me and makes me breakfast lol.

hope everyones day or night, depending on where you live, are great!
keep save in the zones killjoys!

lots of love,
~pretty poison

Party Poison jacket

okay so i got my party poison jacket, it fits but is tight on my arms [i expected that and i dont mind since im trying to loose weight] and i new it wouldnt cover my boobs since they are huge lol but was it worth $100 for sure i love it! sorry about the crappy pics but im using my phone since im at my sisters house

my party poison jacket arrived!!

but im not home!:[ gahh i want to be home right noww!