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soo im still in shock

im still in shock that my video is in the sing video<3 gah it still hasnt really hit me
the video is so beautiful and the song is amazing! brings me to tears everytime!

i love my momma

she let me buy the picture frank took for japan<3 im so happy all the money goes to japan!


im crying my eyes out, my video made it in[i signed sing ity for japan in signlaungage] but thats not why im crying, im crying because this is beautiful, this is why i love this band, they bring love and hope and a world together even if its just a video i feel it has brought this mcr family even closer

i love you all soo much! and i hope you are all doing okay!

and ray and everyone else who made the video, you did an amazing job, words cant explain how amazing it is we love you so much! you inspire us all<3

cant sleep

i hate how i can never sleep because everytime i close my eyes the memories and nightmares come back, does anyone else wish they could just legit turn their mind off so they can just sleep peacefully for one night??

hey! remember! APRIL 15 DAY OF SILENCE

ALSO REMEMBER TO REGISTER AT it is not required but it helps get a count of how many people are participating also you can get card explaning why you are not speaking

and to all who are participating, thank you from the bottom of my heart i love you all soo much!! lets end the bullieing and end the silence!

Every year on April 15th there is something called "The Day of Silence" Some of you may have heard of it, other may not have.


sing it for japan comes out tomorow!!! im soo freaking excited to see the awesome work ray did!!


its storming here in jersey, and i hope the power doesnt go out or ima cry lol
i hate when the power goes out, now i cant sleep from the storm and its raining like crazy and windy and the lightning and thunder is scary! lol im 17 im such a baby

someone wanna talk? or send me a fan fic to read?

why not follow the crowd?

-1. If you had to choose one MCR member to be your best friend, who would it be?
- frankie!

-2. If you had to choose one member to be your father, who would it be?
- Gerard

-3. Which member would you rather go on a roller coaster with?
- im gonna have to say ray he seems like he'd have a kick ass time

-4. What is your favorite MCR lyric, and why?
- if i had to choose; This broken city sky like butane on my skin
stolen from my eyes
Hello Angel, tell me where are you
Tell me where we go from here

-5. What is your favorite Mikey Way quote?
- "The world would have less violence if we were all

men suck

i hate them all soo much except for mcr all the men suck! sorry.


fuck my life, seriously im fucking pissed off, i cant even pretend to be happy right now.
not even listening to mcr and thinking about how im going to see them in 11 days is helping.
i just feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.