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i need a new pic

i need a new picture for this website, twitter, and my mcrmy acct. since the one i have is old as fuck lol so which of these 3 are the best?

i look like crap and the quality sucks since my camera is dead and i lost my charger so i used my phone but help me pick one??

1 or 2??


i was just thinking about wishes since im making 1000 cranes for one wish for japan
anyway when i was little i would always wish on dandelions and i would always wish for the same thing, i would always wish for my baby sister[she would be older then me but i call her my baby sister since she died as a baby] to come back to life, i look back now and think of how dumb i was, how could i ever believe a wish could bring her back to life, i know i was young and didnt understand but i just think its weird that i ever thought that would work

this is the only picture i have of her my mom has more but

tweet tweet

got a twitter?!/kittenbaby1424
follow me and i'll follow back:]<3

ending my day of silence!

ending my day of silence now:] got lots of questions about it which is awesome! thats how this day helps spread awareness! lets end LGBT bullying! lets end all bullying!♥


my day of silence starts in like 42 mins but im gonna start now so this is my last post till saturday, thank you to all that are particpating, it means so much to me and other LGBT people<3 even if you are silent for a part of the day, it can make a big diffrence, lets end the bullying!

good luck!
love you all!


(go to my previous blogs for the info)


i told my mom how i wanted to make 1000paper cranes and she said that she didnt think i could do it, gee thanks mom for fucking up my day. so glad you believe in me:/


please join! and tomorrow i will not be here or on or texting/calling on facebook or twitter because that would be the same thing as talking please spread the word so everyone can support!

Every year on April 15th there is something called "The Day of Silence" Some of you may have heard of it, other may not have. Well the DOS represents the anti lesbian gay transgeder bisexual bullying and the allies of those who are apposed to that discrimination.


this makes me want to cry, we are such a strong family, singitforsniper is trending and has been for awhile now<3 even beliebers are helping and supporting her, this is amazing!


everyone please pray for @System_Sniper a "belieber" bullied her on twitter for being "emo" to the point that she tried to take her own life by overdosing, she is awake now in the hospital but of course still needs love and prayers, keep her in your heart please #singitforsniper

but dont hate on all beliebers because they are sending their love to her too just that one girl did this to her, right now in the us #singitforsniper is trending and we are all sending her love, that is her twitter name if you would like to send your love


so tomorrow

tomorrow i am going to go out and buy 1000 pieces of gold paper. why?
because im finally going to do what i have wanted to do since 5th grade
i am going to make 1000 paper cranes but now im going to write on all of them and pass them to people and leave them places i go to spread the word

when i was in 5th grade i read 'Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes' this story is what made me fall in love with japan. that is the link about the book and this is the link about