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its between
"Sing It For The World"
"Stay beautiful, keep it ugly"
"I am not afraid to keep on living"

i dont know which one to get tattoo'd on my foot! cant choose! opinions?!


time for bed! gotta finish my killjoy outfit tomorrow! concert Friday! message me if you gonna be there!:D


i dont even have 100 followers, help me out?? i'll follow back!!/kittenbaby1424


Jestem znudzony tak Myślałem, że będzie typu blog w języku polskim, i napisał na ścianie siostry coś, co wiedziałem, mój przyjaciel chciałby więc w polskich i napisał: "jeśli steph lubi to potem jest głupi"Chciałem zobaczyć, czy nie był na tyle sprytny, Google Translate, co powiedziałem.
Będę się śmiać, kiedy ona to lubi, nie czytając po raz pierwszy. tak Siema killjoys? nadzieję, że wszystkie są bezpieczne w strefach;]

Miłość zawsze,
Pretty Poison


so if your on omegle and someone says swag it means they are a justin bieber fan, a belieber just let me know that when i was on there i was like oh im a killjoy[mcr fan] and shes like oh... bye

&& i finally found a killjoy on it!!

1 down 999 to go

made the first crane that i am happy with so now i just have 999 to go!!

this hate needs to end

im sick of the hate! im sick of the bullying! im tired of getting on twitter and seeing another killjoy is in the hospital due to bullying! its so upseting, how can this happen how can someone hurt someone so bad over music! seriously, yeah im basicly just venting. i really am in tears about all of this, i have never wished death upon anyone over the music they liked, i could give 2 less shits if someone is a bieber fan or not.

cool experience

i went to church with family friend, i've been to catholic church before but this was not catholic but im not sure what it was anyway it was an amazing experience.

i got to watch adults choose to be baptized it was very moving, im not very big on religion, tho i do pray and kinda believe in god, but this was soo cool i kinda want to join the church when im older
also they did alot of singing it was really nice:]

also i prayed for sniper and shane to get well and i prayed for all this hate and bullying to end and to bring us all together<3

how was everyones day?

love always,

off to church

off to church with a family friend, i will be praying for shane and sniper and praying from god to forgive those who hurt them lets end this hate! please! this is getting out of control i cant stand hearing about killjoys getting hurt


do you like lush? do you know of it? i loveee lush, its like my addiction! anyway today i went to the store and purchused these two things, the japanese flag shaped thing is a bar of soap and the little black container is loition. all the money[exculding tax] gets donated to reilef efforts in japan.
also both are vegan friendly, crulety free, and smell very yummy!
if you want to buy some yourself here is the site select where your from to shop online and go to store locator at the bottom to find a lush near you!

if your a srict vegan i really recommend lush most products are