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better pics of the guitar pick i got!

so since my throat was already bad before the concert yesterday now i can barely talk:[ my voice keeps cracking, i sound like justin beieber haha ew jk but seriously gah my throat is like dieing!
i didnt really get hurt in the pit, just some scratches and bruises and i think i sprained my ankle so im just happy i didnt break anything!:D

but im soooo sore from jumping around and like flaling my arms around like a maniac in the pit lol rawrr! im trying to convince my mom to find me tix to the show in may! lol i cant get enough of mcr concerts<3

my pictures from last night!

theres the link to the few photos i got from the mcr concert last night[i know they are crappy but i only had my phone] i would have taken more but i was too busy jumping around lol


i uploaded all my pictures from the mcr concert last night from my phone to my computer but now i have to catch the train from ny back to nj so i'll upload them later for everyone to see:]

kick ass show!

out of the 6mcr concerts ive been to this was by far the best!!! i dont think ive every been so crazy in the pit and sang along with soo much passion, and the band just seemed in a kick ass mood!! i've never seen gerard with so much energy and ray with such a big smile on his face!
frankie played with a lot more energy then he has been lately so it was amazing and mikey of course was awesome!!

i got one of rays guitar picks!!!! im soo freaking happy! and i got a new mcr hoodie!!

i'll have pics up(hopefully tomorrow and im sorry if they suck there from my phone, i lost my camera)
soo im

in NY!

about to go to dinner then to the mcr concert!:D


Happy Earth Day!! Did you know Phone chargers and other power adapters continue to draw power even if they're not being used. It's called "phantom power" and, believe it or not, it adds up to 5% of our nation's power bill! so unplug you unused appliences & plant a tree!:D

i freaking love earth day!

just woke upp!

just woke up, shouldnt have stayed up as late as i did, im sooo tired! well off to NY in like 1hr!! i love ny cant wait to spend the day there and spend the night for the first time:D i've been to NYC like 1000times and have stayed really late but never over night so this is exciting!

and the best part...
My chemical romance concert tonight!!!! woo! soo excited!!

i'lll try and get good pics[with my phone since i lost my camera battery charger] and blog after!!

stay beautiful, keep it ugly<3

~pretty poison~

finishing packing!

mcr concert tomorrow! just got my hair done, hope it works well tomorrow! i got a faux hawk. i have to finish packing. gotta get to the train station by 9am! cant wait to be in ny i love it so much(not as much as jersey but close lol) if you goin tomorrow send me a message:D

night killjoys!


that is the back of my killjoy shirt, and on the sleeves i put my killjoy symbol and my name in Japanese but now i dont know what to put on the front of the shirt, and i need something or else it looks too plain.

any ideas?


finished the back of my killjoy shirt, just gotta put my symbol on the front!
and i finished my wrist bandanna and i finished my pants!:D im happy!!!

mcr concert on friday!