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to everyone who sent me their name

for my killjoy name poster, im sorry that i havnt finished it yet!! but i will be able to work on it this weekend so i hope to have it done by monday! im really sorry i've been taking so long, it took awhile to get enough names and then i started it and messed up and had to start all over again
thanks for your patience<3

love always,
pretty poison

p.s. hope you like the picture i put with this post, i know its random but if you play the sims you know its so true:]


omg so i was going through my old pictures and found these 2 pics, the first one is a pic of my friend and i before my first MCR concert back on 2/25/07 and the second one is us after the concert with our energy drinks{the only thing that kept us alive in the pit lol} i just turned 13 and i sucked at makeup, i actully thought i looked good lmao! anyway i thought i'd share them with you because it was awesome to find these pics! i will never forget my first MCR concert<3


send me some good fanfics please? im bored and need something to read:]

:] mask!

started making my killjoy mask tonight, i made 2 because i didnt like the first one. im using plaster wrap cloth and i learned it from this video just incase you were wondering:D im hopefully going to paint them tomorrow even though i suck at painting lol wish me luck! hope all is well in the zones for you killjoys<3

love always,
pretty poison

have you ever had...

a nightmare that makes it so you can never sleep???
i fucking hate it i have it all the time, but mine is a bad memory that just comes back as a nightmare everytime i try and sleep:/ if i dont get some sleep soon i think i'll go insane! D:

^ thats my tumblr account, i just made it so im still tryin to figure it out lol follow me i'll follow back:]<3

<3 repost!

**Please read the whole thing, Replace my name at the end with yours and repost!!**

We Are The MCRmy.

This is for those who cried to the Ghost Of You. For those who felt empowered during Famous Last Words. For those who felt they could relate to I'm Not Okay. For those who want to start a riot because of Teenagers. For those who are Demoliton Lovers. For those who Killed All Their Friends.

This is for those who got Welcomed To The Black Pararde.

For those who aren't Afraid To Keep On Living. Who aren't Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

5things alot of people dont know about me...

i saw a couple people did this yesterday night so i thought i'd do it too since im bored.
5things alot of people dont know about me...

1. I'm scared to death of routine, what I mean is I am scared to become an adult and have a job where I get up go to work come home eat dinner and go to sleep at the same time everyday i like things to be crazy and different.

2. I had a really shitty childhood but I try to block out the bad memories and only think of the good and when I do that it seems like I had an amazing one<3

3. I'm only 17years old but I had hit rock bottom last year and brought myself

i want...

i want this soo bad, i went with my friend the other day when she got it and now i want it so bad it looks awesome! anyone here have it?

trying to keep my mind busy!

1. What would you do if Gerard Way kissed you
- my answer depends on if he is married to lynZ when he did cause if he was then i'd smack him because thats not right but if he was single i would freak out and kiss back duh:] lol

2. Would you be happy if Frank Iero was your best friend?
- omg that would be amazing<3

3. If you were to choose who your big brother woud be, which MCR band member would it be?
- Ray:D

4. Would you name your first born male child after an MCR band member?
- no haha my first boy will be named Jayden Micheal but if i did i would name him frank(frankie) or gerard