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bored? keeping my mind off things

Why are all girls bisexual now?
because they are exploring?

Have you ever forgiven someone more times than you should have?
story of my life

You think its okay for girls to have new boyfriends every other week?
no i think it is rediculous

Is the value of the word love meaning less as time goes by?
they way people use it nowadays yeah but to me its not just a word i throw around, it still has a very big meaning to me

How many people like the last person you kissed?

Once a cheater always a cheater?
i want to say yes but i was the cheater once and i never will do it again(i really regret it,


so if you saw my blogpost yesterday night i have AMAZING NEWS! Ciara Scheets( a 15yr old girl who was missing from my town since thursday) was found ALIVE AND SAFE! she was brought into the police station and is with her family now! im very happy that she is okay<3 just thought i'd update here!

love always,


Please help spread the word to help find Ciara Scheets, she is a teenager missing from my town, Mount Laurel. She is only 15years old, she was last seen June 30th, 2011. Please post the following info to fb or email to other NJ people you know,fb page with more info link below, also if you live in jersey you can find a flyer on the fb page to print out and distribute(this flyer is also the picture that i have attached to this blog post). PLEASE HELP FIND CIARA<3
The Mount Laurel Police Department is

im out of here

until this drama is over im fucking staying off of here,, tumblr, and maybe even twitter. if you want to talk to me email me at sorry. im still a HUGE MCR fan and cant wait for the upcoming concerts im going to but i cant stand this fighting, i have enough of this and other stuff with my real family i cant handle anymore stress.

i love all of you who arent fighting and being stupid<3

love always,
Pretty Poison


that petition thing is really old, the guys already know about it. and that petition wont do anything, they wont throw him in jail over a petition. just saying. and if you were offended by franks tweet, SUCK IT UP. how would you feel if your kids pictures were able to be found by any creepy pervert?! i would be just as fucking upset as frank, hes just being a protective FATHER

sooo a couple things since i havent been on in a while

i have soo much family problems going on:/ anyway im sorry to all who are waiting for my killjoy name poster i hope to have it done soon. i just have been busy with family things and my aunt is here from texas so i have been busy hanging out with her and my 2nd cousin(8months old) got his kidney surgery, he is doing extreamly well, i got to see him over the weekend and he is doing great! also mommom is going to start her chemotherapy and radiation therapy on the 14th so after that i wont be on much at all prob since i'll be trying to help her out as much as i can.


just ordered my hershey tickets for mcr & blink! sooo 59days till blink182&mcr in hershey! & 94days till blink182&mcr in camden! <3

favorite mcr quote?

put your favorite mcr/mcr member quote in my ask box:]
please reblog this on tumblr and tweet it:]

im soo bored! lol i want to send someone a postcard but idk who to send one to, any ideas?

love always
pretty poison<3

my video of lightning

its storming here in jersey so i took a video of some lightning, i have a lot more videos of it im going to edit and upload all the good lightning into one video and hopefully have it up tomorrow:]

got my tickets!

my tickets for the honda civic tour came in today!!! im soo happy!! this is my 2nd time seeing them at this venue! last time was 8/25/07 when they were with linkin park on the projekt revolution tour. im soo excited!