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so im down the jersey shore(like every summer lol) and tomorrow my sister, her friend, my friends and I are going to rent some waverunners! im soo fucking excited but scared that im gonna get hurt. anyway i just wanna say that i miss you guys on here! things are going well with me and i hope they are going well with you all! btw i bought more NJ postcards so msg me if you want one!
OHHH AND MCR&Blink182 concert in 3days!!!!!! soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!<3

love always,
pretty poison

i wish i could meet mcr

Anyways send me your tumblr link so I can follow you:)


send me your tumblr links i need more people to follow:)

p.s. 7days till honda civic tour!!! sooo excited!


hey killjoys:)
hows it going? its 4:32am here and i woke up like an hr ago and cant get back to sleepD: too much on my mindd. my best friend in the whole world(idc how lame that sounds) is going away to college in 7days:( shes moving from NJ to FL and im really sad because im like always with her and i have no idea how im going to survive without her:/ and it really sucks that shes leaving when im still trying to get my life back together and get sober because shes basicly my only stable friend. gah college is so stupid:(

anyway my little rant is overr. soo who likes unicorns?! i know i do!:D

rawrr! im a dinosoar, ima eat you!

okay so the title is from a song my old best friend david and i made in like 7th grade for a project<3 ahah that song is why we became best friends:]
anyways i cant sleep so im watching rocko's modern life! i used to love this show! i wish i could sleep but as always i cant lol its 3:35am here. and i really dont wanna take sleeping pills again(i swear i rely on them too much to sleep)
how is everyone tonight?? lets talk! im sooo bored lol

love always,
pretty poison

rawr i miss you!

i really miss being on here everynight!! idk why i havent been on as much. i guess i kinda started to feel like i was annoying people with my posts? idk but i really miss you guys!! you have helped me with so much<3 btw im doing so much better with getting sober and havent self harmed in a while! thanks so much for everyone who has been supporting me, love you all sooooo much! i dont know what i'd do without this army, or without this band. you guys are seriously amazing!

ALWAYS REMEMBER you can always msg me with any problems or anything or email me at or twitter


i love my fun ghoul gun<3 its soo nice:] i just wish that it came with a stand!

just came on to say...

that the NKOTBSB concert tonight was AMAZING!!! check out the opening band 'Midnight Red' they are a boy band but they were really good! and omg Matthew Morrison(teacher from glee) was another opener!! i was sooo exctied(i didnt know he was gonna be there) now my mom and sister are jealous of me cause they love him haha. anyway if you get the chance to see NKOTBSB, go!! i went cause my friend had a extra ticket so she took me for free, i loveeee her for it<3

anywaysss i'll post my pictures on photobucket tomorrow or sunday and post a blog with the link if you wanna see them:] they wont be the

soo i should be sleeping lol

but i never sleep when i should:] soo tomorrow(well today since its 2:45am) my friend and i are taking the train to Atlantic City and spending the day there until its time to see NKOTB and Backstreet Boys! im really excited! i remember listening to them when i was youner:]
in other news, i finally got the streak of color in my hair to be RED not pink lol, oh and my neck piercing is healing well:D im so happy with it! oh and my friend got another tattoo today and its soo cute(pic above) its her 3rd, now i want more tattoos from watching her get another lol oh yeah!


i got my fun ghoul ray gun today!!!! im soo happy with it! i just wish it came with a stand, now i gotta find one:/ but now i have the fun ghoul vest, bandana, and raygun!!! :D im soo happy!

so how is everyone today?! whats upp? (im currently bleaching a strip of my hair and it is burning my ear lol i forgot how much i hate bleaching my hair)