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my best friend leaves NJ for FL in 2& 1/2 hours:( shitt im gonna fucking miss her!
(1st picture is of her and i before homecoming, my freshman year and her sophmore year 2008; 2nd picture is of her and i before our first mcr concert back in 2007; 3rd picture is of my tattoo but she got NJ too on her ribs as a friendship tattoo, plus we both wanted NJ on us and she has diffrent lyrics on hers but yeah<3)

i love my best friend so much, i hope she has a good time in FL and loves it but not too much so she'll come back to Jersey where she belongs!

love always,
Pretty Poison

you told me this gets harder, well it did

I am seriously concisdering putting myself into a mental health facility. :/

i hate goodbyes

i just said goodbye to my best friend in the whole world for the last time before she goes to college. i actully didnt cry yet, i did tear up a bit but i dont think it really hit me yet. i know it'll hit me as soon as i think of something i wanna do with her or tell her in person and i'll just breakdown and cry. this really fucking sucks, i hate that she has to go to FL. i wish she picked a school in NJ but im happy for her since this is what she really wants to do in life.


so i want to get 'your not in this alone' on the top of my foot but im not sure what to get with it, like i want some kind of design or picture to go next to it

i already have the tattoo in the picture on my left foot so this future tattoo will be on my right foot. the lettering will go down the right side of my right foot

any ideas?


we love you<3 i just want you to know that.

my pictures from the hershey concert! check em out and tell me what you think! i was in the second row it was the closest i've ever been to mcr!


To the girl who gave me the roses and boa please msg me! I have a picture I need to give you of gerard looking at your sign!

Omg had the best time! Got like 4 ray guitar pics and gave 3away 1girl gave me a boa and roses for the pic I love her! And. Another guy gave me a signed blink thing and I gave it to me sister plus got 2blink pics! And I got amazing pictures I can't wait to post them! Seriously was an amazig concert I have never been that close! Can't wait for the camden concert!!

on my way to hershey!

whos going?! im in section A row 2 seat 15, is anyone near me?!


Today is such a fucked up day. stuff is so fucking shitty I can't take it anymore!

waverunners were sooo much fun!

omg the wave runners were soooooooo much fun! i like jumped a wave going 30mph &killed my back! and my fastest was 50mph lol i can not wait to do it again! :D and none of us fell off!! yay! and i rode all alone! now just chillin around the house till we go on a dolphin dinner cruise!

3days till mcr&blink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO!

love always,
pretty poison