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hey guys:)

26days till the camden HCT concertXD cant wait!
so today was a boring day but one thing that was awesome was that i made my facebook status a quote from Frank Iero and my aunt liked it so much she made it her status it too:) i feel proud of her lol i love her! anyway im so bored. and i need my hair cut. and i think i wanna dye it but idk i kinda like it red but im thinkin about making it dark brown with lighter highlights. sooo whats new killjoys?

as promised here are 3 pictures of the amazing Mr. Ray Toro!<3 yesterday was Mikey, sat. was Gerard, and friday was Frank.

break after this tour

so mcr said after this tour they are taking a break. im happy for them because this means they will spend time with their family:) plus they said they are gonna record a new albumXD but im sad cause that means the camden concert in sept will be the last time i see them for awhile:( but i know that the break will be good for them<3 and hopefully my uncle will pull some strings for me and make it so my mom, sister, and I can meet mcr at the camden concert. it prob wont happen(my family is pretty unreliable) but a girl can dream lol:)

im a sad panda:(

today was an okay day. went to the movies with my mama and sister and saw The Help (it was a pretty good movie) and when we got home my grandparents called and told us they had to put their cat to sleep:/ this really upset me because i grew up with that cat. i remember when i was like 7yrs old and my sister and i would play "vet" with him. i know he was old and it was best for him so he didnt suffer but it still makes me really sad:( i wish i could have said goodbye<3 RIP Colonel, you were a great cat!

anyway as promised 3 pictures of Mikey<3 yesterday was gerard, friday was Frank, and

so an old friend of mine band got signed!!

my old friend from 7th grade mike and his band got signed by Danimal Records!!
im so fucking proud of them! check em out!


hey guys:)

so im in a better mood tonight:) thanks to the people who talked to me, you really helped a lot<3 love you so so so much!
but now im sick ahaha i hate my immune system! so now im just gonna watch movies and degrassi:)

oh! today my mama and i went shopping and i got a new MCR shirt, i havent bought a band tee in so long! lol so im happy! i also went to petsmart and got new adorable collars for my cats:) and we bought a ton of bath products from lush, it was nice to go out and have fun:)

so now i will post pictures of Gerard!

i hate these moods.

when i cant sleep and just get super depressed. all i can think about is cutting or taking something to make me just forget everything, but thats the last thing i want to do because i know its wrong and i think my mom and sister are starting to catch onto my self harming ever since i burned my wrist(a while ago) and it left really big scars. just fuck i really wish i didnt get in these stupid moods.

and i added 3adorable pictures of frankie just to hopefully put a smile on someones face<3

XD <3

so far i have been sober for 16days, wow thats along time for me and i couldnt have come so far without the help of the lovely MCRmy<3 thanks for always being there for me when i need someone, i love you all! and you can always come to me if you need help or someone to listen love you!!!!!

THANK YOU! seriously, you guys are the best!

love always,
Pretty Poison

holy shit!

i convinced my mom to let me get my 5th professional tattoo(i have 3 i did myself) and now i just gotta help save money for it! and im gonna get it before sept! so that means im getting it soon!!!! gah im sooo exicted. the picture is the drawing of the tattoo im getting, i found it online and i love it because the microphone reminds me of the one frank uses at concerts! and it says sing which is another one of my favorite mcr songs. i fucking love it, i might add "it for the world" underneath but idk depends on how my tattoo artist draws it up:)

adfgdtsrfda im sooo happy!

what do you think?

oh clever bot you know how it is:)

User: Frerard.

Cleverbot: Gerard Way loves Frank Iero.

(dont hate on me for frerard, i know they are all happily married and not gay but it still fun to think about lol and yes i do repect their wives!)

hate to say this but...

i think im going to sell my fun ghoul raygun because i just found a tattoo i realllyyy want and i mean i saw it and i fell in love and it is kinda mcr related but holy shit like its just beautiful but its gonna cost olot of money(more than any of my others so i dont think my mom will pay for all of it) so im really thinking of selling the raygun and other stuff so i can get money to pay for it. omg seriously this tattoo is beyond words i just cant explain how much i love it!!!

so yeah what do you think would be a fair price for the gun?