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0k xo S0 Here's The Thing xo I Have A My Chem Gig 0n Tuesday In Glasg0w(Yays)xo But I'm W0ndering If Any0ne Kn0ws If Their D0ing Any Signings 0r Anything In Glasg0w?? Mail Me If Y0u Kn0w xx Cheersss xo
Death Bef0re Dish0n0ur,
L0ve Cellophane Baby!!xo


C0ngratulati0ns My Chemical Romance 0n The New Album xx I (0bvi0usly) Have It And Have Already Listened To It Like 20 Timess xx I Like Actually Properly Cryed The 0ther Day (In An Apple St0re Unfortunately,Very Embarrassing) Watching Sing When I F0und 0ut That The Band Dies xx It's S0 Sad xx I C0uldn't Believe It xx Lucky Me I Met Them In Edinburgh Corn Exchange xx I Had Fake BLood 0n My Face xx Was Quite Funny When I Think 0f It Because I Was Crying And Gerard Appeared And Like He Walked Towards Me And My Bestfriend, Captain Destroya(Killjoy Name 0bvi0usly), He Was Like Are Y0u 0k Y0u're