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The world AIN'T ugly.

I absolutely love this material that My Chemical Romance are releasing. They never cease to amaze, they can scrap an album and it will turn out almost as popular and just as well done as Danger Days.

I only have one beef though. Hearing the unrecorded/live version of "The World Is Ugly" gave me chills. It reminded me of the bleak desperation Gerard weaved into early work like "Early Sunset's" or "Demolition Lovers". After years of waiting for the polished version of this grim masterpiece I couldn't help but feel a little bit disappointed.


This song gives me chills every time I listen.
(No religious connotations to this post) but I love when the band sing about biblical themes.

Your favourite movies.

This is Sean of The Dead. My favourite character is Buffy and also Dean Winchester, played by Michael Cera.

Look at this motherfucker...

This is by far the greatest game ever made. Has anybody finished it? It's really difficult.

Does anyone remember this game?

It used to be on the old site. There were two as I could remember. Has anyone played them since?

My Killjoy name

is gonna be "Bomb Gnarley"
What's yours?

My favourite

This is Frank Iero... my favourite member of Taking Back Sunday

Possums make the scariest breathing noises

There's one outside my window and it's stalking me. I swear it's gonna dive through the window and tear my face off.

Well guys, it was nice knowing ya.
guess I'll go down listening to "Welcome to the Black Parade."

Coz I see you lyin next to me!!

Famous Last Words

Is this anybody elses favourite song?
I know 'The Black Parade' wasn't the best album that MCR has made, but this song was such an epic!

I've been listening to this song for years and it never grows old.