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Well this kid woke up at the wrong side of the coffin this morning.... GeeWiz. :)

Isnt today Just wonderful.....
:) i woke up this morning sing some primary school song...

I woke up this morning got outta my bed,
looked in the mirror and i got myself dressed.
With a stretch and a yawn,
I scratched my head.
Life is a wonderful thing i said,
Life is a wonderful thing.....

I got the feeling morning to eveining,
I've got the breath of life inside.
I've got the feeling...
Its so lovely when you know your alive... (well its not always but hey.. ILYZ GeeWiz:) )

well at lest i think thats how the song goes....
Either WAY it put me in a happy mood this morning.... GeeWiz :) < ikeep saying that this morning woop!

I GOT ONE; Conkers were collecting conkers,
trying hard to find the biggest and the best. This song always makes me smile... exspecially when i hear little childen singin it.... ( i still don't like them but hey)

Bye xox

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Another Drawing Yet Again; i know i've posted loads :S

Wrong way around; this is before i shaded it.

Franks for commenting all my pictures, made me feel alot better about my drawing xD
I've posted alot cause i wanted 2 show you's my drawing...
i tend to draw alot when im depressed/upset or angry... lonley sometimes
anywayz franks for the comments.... comment these please xxxxx

i kind of like this one..... its not like all my others were the ppl are sad, this one is smiley!!!!!!! xD
Did it look better before i shaded or after?????
i'm not a very good shader it tends 2 wreck my picture :S i hope i didn't

Lots of Love KiM xxxxx

P.s i love this site... people agree with me... unlike my family who hate my drawings, the WAY i dress, the music i listen to, my bedroom wall(L) (which i love 2 much) And MCR :@

Anyway i drew this picture for Mikey Way, he will never see it, or know i drew it for him :( but i know...
I Really Hope He At-lest Seez it...

Oohh shucks lmao.... oohhh yeah Geez i nearly forgot Bye xxxxxx

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Another One of my "drawings" (scribbles)

Its the Wrong way around... But this is another one of my not so good drawings..

I've only just drew this cause i cudn't find the others....

Another one of my not so good drawing... cause i just cant draw! lol

<3 franks...

Comment please!!!!!!!! p.s its for poppy!

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Shitty Masterpieces.

Drawing 1. MisunderStood.

Okay so i got bored in class so i started 2 draw,
i wish i was good but, you are what you are...
so i just thought i'de show u some of my shitty drawings...

Theres more but these are the only ones i cud find in my pig sty of a bedroom....

Frank you. xoxoxox

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^^ see i told you i'de make you a blog... so ADD ME please <3

'Cause we are all a bunch of animals
That never paid attention in school.
So tell me all about your problems;
I was killing before killing was cool.
You're so cool, You're so cool, So cool!
^^ xD poppy's cool.

this blog is completely useless/pointless but it was ur choice to read it lol.
i wrote it for poppy. Cause ily!

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Today, xD

TODAY was amazing.
i spent it here with all my bestiiiest mates, i dnoo why im writing this cuz they probably wont readit...
i really wish i cud find them on this... they should have a search box xD
oh well 2bad huh?

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My names KiM.. And i <3 MCR, well so does every one else on this site.
and anyway if your reading this thanks for taking afew minutes of your life to read this pointless blog.
Just wanted to say " If Your A MyChem Fan And You Know It- Add Me Please?!"
Cya xx