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Yeahh, real good friends.

So i went to town with my mum, she got me some bright green skinnies.
And i saw a big group of all my so called "friends" out side blue banana,
Every one but me. So maybe i'm over reacting, but the obviously didn't want me there.
Emma (she seems to be the centre of the group, everything revolves around her.) so she shout "KIMMMM!!!!" like shez trying to rub it in that i wasnt invited.
Well times like this make you see who ur real friends are.
I could hear her talking about me, saying i'm a back stabber!
her and her gf are backstabbers.
And theres Danii she wasn't invited and i know she z a good friend, and aishah who refused to go b'cuz i wasnt invited.
i love them 2 there the only 2 friend im sure about atm...

i feel really down atm... and im not sure,
what do youz think?
What should i do?

they say revenge is sweet but they also say it isn't the answer...
help please....

-lots of love KiM

PS: R.I.P Rev. x you will b missed xox

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HELP! if you can do math.

whats 532 x 30??

because estimated thats how many members mcr have on his site...
cuz im sad and worked that out...
i was curious :)
i'm not so good at multiplication, so a little help please?

Anyways merry christmas =)
lots of love -KiM
ps: love you's.

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Anyone like smashing pumpkins?

i absolutely love them,
my favorite band the tie 1st with my chemical romance.

Any way i way listening to the radio this morning i was listening to fern cotton, cuz i wasn't aloud to listen to my music, and my mum loves fern.
And she started talking about billy corgan and the smashing pumpkins and she said the best song ever written way today by the smashing pumpkins. Then she started playing it and i was like OMG FERN COTTON LIKES SP?! SHE ROCKS...
and i started singing it and mum was like nooo.

made my day lmao.
lots of love KiM

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The picture i made on paint xD

im still proud of the picture xD
LMAO is sucks :)
but its still beautiful <3

Frankss for reading.
Comment please x.
Lots of love -KiMothy
P.s: add me please.

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:) Tickling you're inner kid.

These are my poems.
To tickle you're inner kid :D

Clueless Nate.

A clueless fellow named Nate,
couldn't get a second date.
He thought that he lacked
the power to attract,
but in truth, 'twas the garlic he ate.

( LOL )
I know its short but oh well :)
makes me giggle.

Thats it :) lol hope you liked them....
Lots of Love -KiMothy xox

Ps: Comment please :)
& Add meeeee :P

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Today is the greatest,

day i've ever known,
can't live for tomorrow,
tomorrow much too long.
I'll burn my eyes out,
before i get out.

Am i like the only person that loves this song, cuz when i sing it all i get is shut up that song sucks,
NO ITS DOESN'T, cuz i love it xD, SP rocks :P

sorry about that ily xxxx

Lots of love -KiMothy

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Stupid but true :)

i can say i ate cat food in 3 languages,
im proud :)

English: I ate cat food.
French: J'ai mangé la nourriture pour chat
Spanish: Me comí la comida para gatos

They might not be right as it goes. At least i can say with confidence, i think i got it in english right!
I'm seriously not sure about french and spanish but its about right i think.

FRANKSS for reading xxxxxx
bye xxx
KiMothy x

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so get your shovel!

We'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Ba da ba da ba...

i keep sing this and bullet with butterfly wings, there so catchy. I LOVE THEM.

god its like 11:50 pm over here -yawns-

Im really really bored, send me some messages please!
Franks i love youz

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The World Is A Vampire.

sent to drain
Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames .

Yeahh, i got bored... So i stole this quiz !!! YAY FOR STOLEN QUIZES :)

What is your name?: KiM, Kimbo, OR Kimothy << i like that one!
How old are you?: 13 and a whole 1/2 :)
When is your birthday?: June 28th :P
What is your favorite sport to watch or play or both?: yuck hate sports
What's the last book you read?: Malorie Blackman- knife edge.
One word that rhymes with 'spade'. Afraid
What color do you wear the most?: Purple, red and black,
What's one band you've heard of but haven't heard any music by?: One man and his beard, LMAO seriously.
What is your favorite ancient civilization?: idk.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?: Australia PLEASE.
What charity do you support the most?: Cancer Trust,
Are you a Shy person?: Can be, when i don't know anyone.
Do you feel alone even in crowded rooms?: sometimes, depends.
Are you keeping a big secret right now?: Yes :(

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West Midlands?

Does anyone here live in the west midlands,
or is it just me?
Coventry, Birmingham, London? Anyone?