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Also I had a Merlin dream last night.
It was pretty awesome.

Though it's less likely that this will make sense to you if you don't live in England.
And don't watch Merlin.
Watching Merlin would always help!
But yeah.
There was Merlin and Arthur and I think Gwen and Giaus (that's how you spell it, right?) and Uther. And probably magic. Of course.

Does anyone else sometimes feel like they really really wish Austin Carlile was there in the room with them so that he can give you a hug?


I just got about a million and thirty-three texts about all this half an hour ago from my best friend.
What a thing to wake up to.
Far too much to process at half past 9 on a sunday morning.

(Also I'm REALLY glad now that I don't have Tumblr...)

Though I'm glad that all the blogs I've seen on here are pretty similar, and kind of what I'm going to say anyway.

Rumours= don't help. In the slightest. They make things worse. End.

And now, on a totally different note, that awkward moment when your dad walks into the room and stands behind you while looking at his mobile.
Freaks me out.
No, I'm not

Oh yeah...

I don't believe I told you about the concerts I went to.

The first was me and my best friend going to the Pierce The Veil concert on 16th September. It was the first show of their first UK headlining tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I felt reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sick and died.
And it ruined stuff.
And I still haven't forgiven myself for it.
But afterwards we got to meet the second support act, Crown The Empire, and then...

And then the second concert, which was 4 weeks later (a.k.a a week ago, a.k.a 14th October), we went to see Of Mice & Men!!!!
It was



Also known as...


It's online, which somehow makes it worse.

I just did one page, found out there was an easier and quicker way to do it and cursed the homework, then clicked the button to mark it, and... I GOT THEM ALL WRONG. Cue me cursing ALL MATHS EVER.

When I get to drop it in less than a year it will be THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.

News flash.

This literally just happened.

Dad: *pokes head round door* Did I ever tell you that this is my favouritest album- MCR album- ever?
Me: *grins* Yeah, you did.
Dad: What's it called?
Me: Danger Days.
Dad: *retreats again*

Fun times are fun.
He doesn't like the other albums.
Can't wait to get him to listen to Bullets. I just know he'll love it. XD

3-2-1, we got the bomb...

Vampire Money just came on (I'm listening to Danger Days on the stereo downstairs) and I was like, I'll just turn this down... and then I thought, What the hell, turn it back up! If my parents hear the swearing then that's too bad!!!!!!

Art at school has officially become more fun. Because I'm doing an artist research on Gabriel Ba. So. :D

EXACTLY ONE WEEK UNTIL MY FIRST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's their first headlining tour in the UK. =3

School... Ugh...

So I'm going back to school tomorrow. I'm gonna be in Year 11.


I don't want to go back to school!!!!!!!!!!
More exams... more stress...
Either this or I just ditch stress entirely and end up not giving a damn about anything.
Then I'll fail everything.

So. This'll be fun.
Even more little people running around...

But still! Me and my bunch of awesomes will see it through.
(We're the mini group that are the not-so-nerdy nerd/rejects/randomers. We're epic. And very weird! We can literally clear the tables around us at lunch time with our weirdness. It's fun. :D)

Good luck to

Fyre Fight

Hey guys, so...
A little something I'm writing.
Not sure if it's any good though.

Fyre Dye is mah Killjoy name. In case you don't guess.

Nursing a steaming mug with both hands, Fyre Dye sat down on the dusty desert floor and leant against the back wheel of the car. She took a sip from the mug, then wrinkled her nose and grimaced.
'KOBRA! Why can I not get a single decent cup of coffee around here?!?!'
Kobra Kid's head appeared from under the car as he shuffled out on his back. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked up at her, his head tilted to one side.


I'm screwed. It's official.
Yeah, I've said this a million times before when I've thought teachers are gonna kill me, but this time my english teacher probably actually will.
Awkward moment when you are your friends had 2/3 weeks to do a presentation, it's in for tomorrow, and you haven't even started it yet.
So yeah. We're all screwed. I would actually do it right now, and was going to, but I don't have the sheet that says what needs to be in the presentation- it's at school.

So raise your glass high, for tomorrow we die...


Fyre Dye out.
Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.


It is near impossible to miss tea at my house. ><
I really should be doing art homework- I have an artist research in for tomorrow and I haven't even decided who I'm doing yet.
I want to do Banksy, but I have to do a recreation of one of their pieces, which might be a bit ard, seeing as I am rather lacking in spray paint.
Off to do my homework. A.k.a look on Amazon.

Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.
Over and out!
IzzE. xx