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We CANNOT lose to Wales again! 3-0 to us, beautiful kick from Johnny Sexton......come on lads, we can win!

(this is a rugby match, btw......just to clear that up.....)

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Jared Leto......nom......

The Kill just came on tv.......man, Jared Leto is good-looking......

Not as good as Gerard in Na Na Na beforehand, though. And Frank, Ray and Mikey. I love 30STM, but MCR are just downright better in every single way.....
The Kill is as awesome video though. Has anyone seen the Doctor Who episode called the God Complex, where they're in a hotel and there's a minotaur killing people? The Kill gives me flashbacks of that.....

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Dear Zonerunners: I’ve been reading a bit lately about how some of you feel that the night MCR plays the last show in their Australian tour is the night our fabulous danger days come to a close. Abandon the notion. What My Chemical Romance has created in their album is a world, a culture, and a movement that will last much longer than four hundred and forty-two days. For years to come, I promise you I will keep my boots tight, keep my gun close, and die with my mask on if I’ve got to. Turn the lights back on, because the party’s not over. I’m a Fabulous Killjoy, and Killjoys never die.

Let’s play a little game. If you agree with me, if you’re going to continue to fly the Killjoy Flag, steal this. Post it wherever you like. All I ask is that down below this paragraph where I’ve written my Killjoy name, type a comma and then type your Killjoy name. Let’s see how far this goes, how long the list of Killjoy names gets. KEEP RUNNING!!

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It's Been A While

It's been a while since I posted a proper blog. It's also been a while since I listened to MCR properly.......only a few weeks, but I realised today that my obsession had faded. So, I am REIGNITING IT. I want to HEAR from you killjoys! Comment! Tell me about your artwork, your stories, your killjoy profiles! I'll check out as many of them as I can, just to re-ignite the passion and feel like I'm part of the MCRmy family again.
I overcame my writers block today, I finally have someone to compete with in writing (they're inexperienced, but they'll get better with practice and I'll have a rival) and I'm feeling creative. I bought the Black Parade cd today ( I have it off itunes, but I wanted the cover artwork) and I am feeling GOOD! It feels like nobody's creating anything new anymore....none of the posts on Zone 6 are anyone's drawings or art any more. Are we all in a creative dry spell?

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Oh my god.

In the room with my sister, who's watching E.

It's all about image. It's all about dieting and staying skinny, getting plastic surgery, and trying to look perfect.


I worry for our generation. I really do.

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I have a sixth sense.

Was overcome by a desire to turn on Kerrang tv......just as Na Na Na came on!!!

Jinxx Cyanide MCR radar strikes again!!

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I know you too well.

You've been my friend for a while now, and I know you too well.

I know your game. I know what your motives are.

Believe me, I don't do things for the same reason you do, but





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Back to Battery City.

Second day back at school today.
Exam results.
Lost books.
Disaster of a hockey match followed by cross country, meaning I didn't eat from 7am til 2am.

Now, homework and study.

Well......I'm back in Battery City again, and I, along with all the rest of us in school, are gonna need all you killjoys to help us through it. I'm so glad I have you guys, I know you understand and get it, and you're always here to give a word of advices or encouragement, even if its simply to Keep Running. Thanks, all of you, for that.

Keep Running, and don't let the dracs get you down!!


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Still no name, probably never will be one, part 5!

Yeah, I know exactly how I'm gonna finish it now! There'll probably be another five parts. :)

Party Poison said, I’m a loner.
That was all I would ever be. His words, his lies, his ulterior motives, had made sure of that.
I soon shook him off. There was no way he would find me now.
I was faced with a dilemma, then. I had to get back to Dr D’s and my car, but we had driven at high speed all afternoon and were at least fifty miles away. There were bound to be dracs between here and the diner, and I was on foot. There was no way I was going to make it. I had no food, very little water, and I was alone in the middle of the desert.
I briefly considered going back and stealing their Trans Am, but the thought of Missile Kid made me stop. I had no objection to leaving the others stranded and in serious trouble, like I was, but that sweet little girl had done nothing to deserve it. I couldn’t have that on my conscience.

Part 4, people! No idea where this is going, I am making it up as i am going along! Enjoy :)

I closed my eyes, but didn’t fall asleep. My years of being alone and sleeping without someone keeping watch for dracs had made me a very light sleeper, and made it difficult to rest.
That, and I knew Party Poison had no intention of going to sleep. He had pulled his blanket over himself and rolled over, but hadn’t even reminded Ghoul that he was on first watch. I had been in a car with Party Poison for three hours, and had watched him direct the setting up of our camp.
He double and triple-checked everything, making sure everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing.
He had checked if Kobra Kid got the right kind of petrol for their car.
He made sure Missile Kid didn’t forget the radio.
He made sure Jet Star paid the bill in Dr D’s.