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2:27 - MAMA!!

Guys, I'm learning to play this piece fast forward to 2:27......I'm so tempted to sing along, 'and if you would call me your sweetheart, i'd maybe then sing you a song.....' Who agrees, or am i crazy?

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am i the only lotr nerd who is SOOOO excited for this film?

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Can you change your username?

Guys, is it possible to change your username without creating a new account? If so, please leave CLEAR and DETAILED instructions, because I am a moron and will get it wrong!

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I'm a bad person.....

I entered the epiphone competition, but the thing is, I'm only just starting guitar as a hobby, have my dad's fender replica and can afford to buy a guitar more easily than a lot fo you guys......
I also used writers imaginative licences and embellished my account a little.............
I'll feel bad if I win.....but that doesn't mean I want the guitar any less!! I'm a bad person.....

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Please help.....

Ok, so maybe 'please help' is a bit dramatic, but this is really getting on my nerves....
Would anyone like to tell me what my profile pic is? Is used ot be a picture of Gerard with a stupid face and caption saying ANGRY DIVA PROBLEMS. i changed it to a Kerrang cover with My CHem on it, but on this computer its still the Angry Diva. But, in my ipod, its the K! cover! Would anyone like to tell me what th rest of the website is seeing?!??

Oh yeah, and I takeit back.....Gee's face could never looks stupid.

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Nollaig Shona Duit! (it's in Irish)

Irish exam today....everyone finished about forty minutes into the hour and a half exam......
I actually don't mind the Irish language, because its important to our culture and all that jazz, but its taught really badly in schools and shouldn't be compulsory after junior cert, (that's like GCSE's, for you Brits. I don't know what you do in the USA....)
Anyhow................Nollaig shona duit! That's happy christmas in Irish...

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Oh, Jared.....

I have just started listening to 30STM, and they are AWESOME.
I like bands for their music, not their appearence, but I have to admit......Jared Leto is very pretty.....:)
But I don't get why he has to keep doing stupid things with his hair like spiking it up to the sky!!
From Yesterday is the AWESOMEST video of all time, (minus all MCR videos!) and, when I was watching it, I was sorta thinking.....this Leto fella is pretty good at acting.....so I googled him like a stalkerish fangirl.....
He's a professional actor......obviously.

That's.....cool. I'm liking this band more and more. They're music is really good!!!

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Don't read of you don't like violin-related rants.

I cannot make it sound right. It is driving me insane.
Beriot concerto ops 109 in A minor.......really, really fantastic piece, CANNOT play it correctly.....I'm playing it for a competition on May.....I have gotten some form of a commended certificate in this competition for SEVEN years running. Last year was meant to be my year. I worked so so so hard, but I had a cold on the day and could barely get the notes off the strings, never mind play it well.
It's not even a very prestigious competition. It's a relatively small feis, but the standard is high enough. High in terms of kids who are good at music but not going to be professional musicians, most of the time.
I love this piece, and I WILL and MUST make it stunning.

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She just posted a blog that may be her last.

Sing and repost to show her that she is loved.

Jinx cyanide

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Okay, i don't really play guitar, but I'm starting, I have great hand control from the violin, and I NEED a better guitar than my Dad's....not sure what it is, I think its some kind of Fender replica...
If I don't win the epiphone, I will, once I've paid for my trip ti Liverpool, I will save up for a Fender.

Anyways, my friend (who's beside me right now) has a cousin who hates MCR, thinks Mikey and Gerard are gay, and calls us emo.
We must have revenge. Suggestions, my fellow Killjoys? We need something subtle but effective, preferably not fatal. Any ideas, you sick, twisted evil people? :)

p.s i'm the friend, or Lithium Sorrows. My cousin love the following
1. The X-factor( A crap tv show for english that has crazy people on it)
2. One- direction. (They had the NERVE to release a song called Na Na Na! They must DIE!)

She must PAY for her crimes!!!!!!!!!

Also, I have Ray Toro hair, except curlier!!!