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Three hours.....

Three hours to go in 2011, and what a year it's been!

I discovered My Chemical Romance and rock music!

I learned that I really don't give a flying pack of monkeys what people think of me....

I started wearing what I want, listening to what I want and being who I want!

This is the year that changed everything - I left behind old friends, made new ones, came to a new place and made on hell of a first impression.....

Goodbye, 2011, and thank you for inspiring me and bringing me MCR!

2012.....if the fires really happen, then the MCRmy will band together to take on BLi! Happy New Year, Killjoys, hope its a good one!

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My 2011

It's almost over now. I can't believe it.
I left most of my friends behind, but made new ones.
I discovered rock music and Jinxx Cyanide was born! My room became a shrine to MCR and other bands, I started living life On the Murder Scene and being a Fabulous KIlljoy, marching in the Black Parade!
It's been hard, its been long, but its nearly over now and I think it went ok!
My 2011, people. was the year that made a rocker out of me, and I am unbelievably glad that happened!!

If it hadn't, I could have been getting a Rihanna album for Christmas instead of The Black Parade it Dead.........ugh.

Jinxx CYanide

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Unleash the Bats???

Can someone please tell me what this whole Unleash the Bats thing is about?!?!?!?! I am CONFUZZLED <3

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Just found and bought the Na Na Na/Zero Percent 7 inch Vinyl.
There were only 2000 ever made, so now I am PLEASED!!!!!

Spent most of my savings and bought 4 cd's as well.

Lostprophets - A Liberation Transmission
Blink 182 - Greatest Hits
30STM - A Beautiful Lie
Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown.

I can't find American Idiot ANYWHERE, and I really want the CD, not iTunes!!

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Go to youtube and watch SING!!! Boost the views!!! NOOOOWWW!!!

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Go to youtube and watch SING!!! Boost the views!!! NOOOOWWW!!!

Title says it all. Ta.

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I opened a LOAD of different tabs, all playing Na Na Na.....
Ok, so the cacophany of noise that followed was AWESOME, but then my computer started jamming and freezing. If I break my laptop my dad will KILL me, so I will NOT be doing that again! still, added about 8 more view, and will watch it again and again one tab at a time!

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Most embaressing moment of my life.

I had to play my violin at Mass in my church this morning........Four bars in, it was going okay......

I dropped my bow.


I thought I was going to DIE with embaressment. There were about two hundred people in that church.......thankfully, most of them were watching the guys singing, not me playing...

I think

However, I did get praised by one person for picking it up so fast and continuing so 'professionaly...'

I am still never gonna live it down, though. Apart from that, Christmas Day has been great so far, and I'm going to my cousin's later, so that should be fun.
I behaved myself and wore a nice top to mass, instead of my new MCR Black Parade t-shirt, but I did allow myself one small rebellion....As I said to my mom on my way out the door.....

I may look nice and feminine in my lovely shirt, but I am WEARING my purple Ed Hardy sneakers, and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me!

Happy Christmas/Hannukah/New Years/Whatever, Killjoys!

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GREAT Christmas this year......
I got The Black Parade it Dead, an MCR shirt, Umbrella Academy Dallas and Umbrella Academy action figures, which were a HUGE surprise......I'm an an official Umbrella Academy Nerd!!!!!
And loads of chocolate coins, awesome presents from grandparents/aunties/uncles as well.
Got Panic at the Disco Vices and Virtures, and enough money to buy both American Idiot, Infinity on High and maybe the Green Day shirt I wanted!!!

Oh yeah, I also got the funky violin case I wanted!!!