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A little story about the black parade.

The date was December 16 , 1934 I worked in a hospital and was a nurse. One day five men walked in, all injured. They said they were together, so i put them in a long room. One suffered from a broken arm , and one a broken leg. The others all were complaining about a head pain, and nousia. I asked them what their names were Gerard Way,Micheal Way, Raymond Toro , Frank Iero , and Bob Bryar.

The day had passed into night and all the other nurses and doctors went home I had to stay. As I came back into the room I heard them talking.

maybe a poem. possibly

okay my first poem listing!


Another day of crying and screaming

but do you care?

"of course dear i do!"

so leave when i talk and look away when i come towards you

just to say hello.

way to show care. and don't you dare say
" i love you!"

i lived with you yelling and screaming, but now i'm done.

i'm walking away.

with tears in my eyes.

Merry Christmas (well sort of, not yet.)

Happy Hanuka! (sorry if i spelled it wrong!) Seasons Greetings! And Merry Christmas.!

Title: no title

chapter: 2


Shots fired across the room.Back and forth and back an forth. I whached Candy Vintage get shot in the chest, i sat in horror knowing she was gone. I got up with tears in my eyes, grabbed my gun and started shooting it. Kobra Kid was getting attacked. But he survived.

We left with one missing. And were all pretty bummed out. Especialy Jet Star. He not olny lost a friend, but a family member.he was so beside him self. i couldn't sit and whatch him cry, i went over to him...." I'm sorry, I tried I really did.". i said softly. "its okay kid.


okay this is my fanfic. enjoy...

chapter one


I awoke to a pain in my head , you know that throbing pain you get when you wake up. Head rush. That was it. It felt like i had been hit in the head by a million volley balls. " Are you okay? You took a hard hit." said Fun Ghoul in a concerned way. " Yeah I'm fine" I said. Some how i was "okay" to every thing. I geuss thats just one of the lies girls tell. Stuff like " I'm fine" or " Every things okay".

I didn't know what happened. So I felt odd in a way. I had a dream that Fun Ghoul and Party Poison died.

bursting with joy. :l

okay how ya doin? okay thanks.

Alright okay in my langue arts class we just finished reading a book, "The Westing Game".
So my crazy english teacher is making us re-enact the whole book and in the story, there is a young women named Angela. Thats me, I'm playing Angela. So my friend is playing her fience Dr. Denton Deere. Dr. Denton is an itern doctor, and is suppose to be really self- obsorbed. Great! So Dr. Denton has to prepose to Angela.Its gonna be really akward and creepy. And my friend just to be weird is going to say this at the beginning.

" Angela, I'm not just sitting on the

guys i need your help

major delama! okay my school concert is coming up! great awesome! except the fact that i am sick and singing a solo song! i have a sore throt and stuffy nose! i need your help! i have tried every thing! got any ideas?! please post some home remadies or medicine, what ever just help me!

i have tried:

1) hot tea with lemon and honey.

2) cough drops.

3) VICKS rub what ever.

ohh yeah p.s.- the concerts in like 3 days so Im screwed!


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