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'Ambulance' music video

PLEASE check out my new video!
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Would help out so much!
I'm trying to become a partner with youtube and could really use the support :)
Oh and I know I'm weird, sorry :P

My chemical romance - boy division music video

hey guys!
This is my music video I made to my chem's AMAZING new song Boy division :)
Please check it out and subscribe!! xD

Justin Beiber...

Idk why this came up but I was just wondering why so many people hate JB??
I mean sure, I'm not into his music (quite frankly I think it's terrible) but how's that an excuse to behave like a complete twat towards someone? :/
Just saying, I don't think it's fair on the poor guy. Gotta hand it to him though, he's doing extremely well in his career + life. Not his fault. I have a lot of respect for him actually because he deals with a load of bullshit every single day and doesn't appear to be effected - doesn't let people knock him down. Which is good :)
You can't please everybody; he obviously

Halloween!! xD

Really can't wait for Halloween!!!! me and one of my sisters went to town today and bought a shitload of make up e_e
asdfghjk idk why but i love making up my face with paint and stuff (just watch some of my videos on youtube ;) hehe)
so obviously I LOVE Halloween sooooo much!!

Although this year's gonna be a little different...

we're gonna be on holiday in Scotland!! ^_^
Never been to Scotland before so quite excited. gonna be staying in a caravan too, which is always fun =3
Trick or treating is the best thing ever btw

Look alive sunshine
KilljoyPristine x

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This picture

That is all :)


I recently went to an audition in London (about 4 hours away from where I live) for a feature film called 'Eileen'.
And I really, really, really want the part!! I know I sound all whiny, but I'm really not =3

The reason's because they did a feature film about 15 minutes long already, called 'Joshua' and that did extremely well; it got some great reviews.
And now this is like a sort of second part to it, through Eileen's' eyes.

I don't wanna give away what happens in Joshua, in case you'd like to watch it (I'll leave a link) - It's extremely good but DO NOT watch it if you don't think you'll

Hello there! ^_^

Turns out I made an account in February but forgot :P
I'm here now..although not really sure how this works or what I'm supposed to say..sorry...
But it'll be nice to also talk to other my chemical romance fans ^_^ I know this band means a great deal to a lot of people, just like myself :)
So yeah!
Please also check out my latest youtube video on my other channel 'blacksoulstealer13'
it's a music video to 'I never told you what I do for a living' <3 (LOVE that song!) <3
please subscribe and maybe go onto my first channel, where I make vlogs and stuff 'killjoypristine'