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Living for the lights

For me, one of the most amazing feelings in the world is being surrounded by lights. I know that's kinda weird and I don't really understand why it's so.
All I know is that when there are lights I'm beyond happy.

If you've felt true, real happiness that gives you that amazing, unreplaceable feeling inside then you'll know what I mean.

What do I mean by lights?
I would've thought it's self-explanatory but if you've never experienced it then I guess not.
Just any kind of light; be it breathtaking natural sunlight to beautiful, mechanical stage lights ect.

I want to be in a band because it's my

Please read this!!

PLEASE click on the picture and it explains :)
I actually made this for twitter but thought I'd share it here
~ Pristine xxo

The world is ugly music video

Hope you all like it ^_^
Took some screenshots of when I was editing it :)
AMAZING song <3 <3 <3

My last ever video

byebye! was nice knowing ya ^_^

I know hardly anyone will read this but still...Sandy Hook classroom shootings

I know this is really long, but I wanted to do this.
WARNING: depressing. I'm sorry x
Don't read otherwise.
It's on my Tumblr:


Basically, I’ve only just found out about the Sandy Hook classroom shootings and I’m bewildered at the fact that such evil goes on in this world.
I am a very positive, optimistic being that understands the true beauty the world holds – however such events remind me why…

Why I’ve been depressed in the past, and

Meditation :) xxo
How to dance if you can't dance

Please click on the link to read the description! :)
Let me know if you like it!?
Please rate, comment, subscribe, share and favorite!! ^_^

My chemical romance - Ambulance

sorry guys, i HAVE to share this again!
Worked extremely hard on this!!!!

Idk why it doesn't work on mobile devices though :( i think it's something to do with copyright so sorry about that..
But PLEEEEAASE share!!
I'm not even kidding, i think this is my best ever video so far and would really appreciate some feedback x

The screen-shots are some stages it went through :P
The last one is the final thing


This is the film poster I made for my GCSE media assignment 2 work :)
My friend Frankie helped me (she's the guy) :') and I'm the girl ^_^

I didn't have a lot of time (originally it wasn't this, it was something different and completely my own), so I had to change it and chose this because it was much easier to get pics of us like this and edit it :)
Let me know what you think!

- I've included one original picture of my friend Frankie
and one almost original one of me (all I did was add an effect on it on instagram) :3

Bet you won't even watch this the whole way through

hey there!
Just another vlog. a LITTLE bit weird....=3