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Awesome songs :)

I recommend; Backyard babies - 'Minus celsius'
it's a really great song! idk any of their other songs but this is on guitar hero and it's my 2nd favorite song to play on there :D

My 1st favorite is 'Prayer of a refugee' by Rise against (they're an amazing band!!)

oh btw i FINALLY got 'I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love' I almost died when i saw it - been trying to hunt it down for years o.O

~Pristine xxo

Breaking the rules

PLEASE watch this!

A lot of you have seen my conventional weapons videos and you are all SOOOO incredibly lovely towards them so a BIG THANK YOU!!

Please, please, pretty-pineapple-pizza-party-pooper-please subscribe to my channels! It would mean SO much!!
I really appreciate the support I've been getting on my blacksoulstealer13 channel (where I make the music videos) but it would mean so much more to get that same wonderful support on my vlogging channel too.

Thanks so much guys <3
~Pristine xxo

The light behind your eyes

The amazing song by my chemical romance, from their new album 'Conventional Weapons' (which I forgot to mention in the video - sorry).

This took me absolutely ages to make! Definitely the hardest one to make - I started it then got really stuck, then realized I didn't like it at all and that it wouldn't go anywhere so I scrapped the whole thing and started again - so sorry it's late, but I really hope it's worth the wait and that you guys all like it!! :D

Please rate, comment, subscribe, share and favorite and also go check out my vlogging channel:

What's his problem?

A few months back (last year in 2012), I had my first ever relationship.
And well done me for picking a complete dickhead to go out with right?
I suppose if you've seen my blogs on here/tumblr or watched my vlogs on youtube then you'll know I'm not a spiteful or in the least bit hateful person.

I treat everyone equally and how I would like to be treated but now my ex will not just stfu and leave me alone.

I'll give you a quick back-story;
So we went out and he treated me like absolute shit.
Sure in general he was a pretty decent guy and obviously he was good in some respect for me to get

My chemical romance - The light behind your eyes

Finally finished!!
PLEASE read the description in the description box on the featured page!

Let me know what you think
~Pristine xxo


Just wanna share! xD
Thank you guys!! (Check out my other blog!) <3

~Pristine xxo

Happy new year everyone!!!

Man I remember 2012 like it was yesterday..

hehe ;)
2013 is gonna be so great and I wish you all the best for this year! :D
The fireworks in London were so great this year! We saw them on TV and they looked awesome!

So happy new year to all you killjoys! <3
And also especially to My chemical romance ^_^ Thanks guys for being such an inspiration! <3

Lots and lots of love,
~Pristine xxo

new year's resolutions

Have you decided yours yet? :)

Last year I (was an idiot in general...not that much has changed lol) had a long list of 21 resolutions...guess I didn't really get the concept.

However, this year I propose to rightfully have only one;

To be more confident.

It goes into a lot more detail than that but that's all you need to know.
Choose something realistic and something that has importance. Will it make a good difference in your life?
How will it impact you?

Personally, I've learned to try and hook onto any opportunities that the Universe provides me and yet I still feel as-though I don't do


I can feel the anxiousness of every My Chem fan waiting...
...waiting for them to announce the tour dates o.O

lol well does anyone wanna take a dive and guess the dates? :P

My birthday is 17th February 1997 (idk why you need the year) and I'm praying I'll get tickets to go see MCR! (Which is strange cause I'm not religious... I'm spiritual - I meditate hehe)
I've been a fan of them for years but I've never ever seen them live!
Not even close (evidently it doesn't count if there's a computer screen in the way)

The thing's really expensive.
My dad has been trying to get a job as a

Merry Christmas! (late)

Hoping Christmas isn't just 'old news' all of a sudden, cause apparently a lot of my friends think so.
I however am still in the jolly spirit of things ^_^

So what did you all get?
I got a camera which I'm incredibly pleased and grateful for!!
J'adore le camera <3
(Don't know how to speak French at all btw - I'm Albanian) hehe ;)

When I went online though (on Xmas) I found out everyone else got band merch and MCR related things. WOW! Didn't realize they sold so much stuff xD
One of my sisters got me the MCR calender which I LOVE!