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Awesome songs :)

I recommend; Backyard babies - 'Minus celsius'
it's a really great song! idk any of their other songs but this is on guitar hero and it's my 2nd favorite song to play on there :D

My 1st favorite is 'Prayer of a refugee' by Rise against (they're an amazing band!!)

oh btw i FINALLY got 'I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love' I almost died when i saw it - been trying to hunt it down for years o.O

~Pristine xxo

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Breaking the rules

PLEASE watch this!

A lot of you have seen my conventional weapons videos and you are all SOOOO incredibly lovely towards them so a BIG THANK YOU!!

Please, please, pretty-pineapple-pizza-party-pooper-please subscribe to my channels! It would mean SO much!!
I really appreciate the support I've been getting on my blacksoulstealer13 channel (where I make the music videos) but it would mean so much more to get that same wonderful support on my vlogging channel too.

Thanks so much guys <3
~Pristine xxo

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The light behind your eyes

The amazing song by my chemical romance, from their new album 'Conventional Weapons' (which I forgot to mention in the video - sorry).

This took me absolutely ages to make! Definitely the hardest one to make - I started it then got really stuck, then realized I didn't like it at all and that it wouldn't go anywhere so I scrapped the whole thing and started again - so sorry it's late, but I really hope it's worth the wait and that you guys all like it!! :D

Please rate, comment, subscribe, share and favorite and also go check out my vlogging channel:

'Play them loud and without judgment' - Frank Iero

~Pristine xxo

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What's his problem?

A few months back (last year in 2012), I had my first ever relationship.
And well done me for picking a complete dickhead to go out with right?
I suppose if you've seen my blogs on here/tumblr or watched my vlogs on youtube then you'll know I'm not a spiteful or in the least bit hateful person.

I treat everyone equally and how I would like to be treated but now my ex will not just stfu and leave me alone.

I'll give you a quick back-story;
So we went out and he treated me like absolute shit.
Sure in general he was a pretty decent guy and obviously he was good in some respect for me to get together with him in the first place.
But then he would just show his true colours and be a total bastard towards me. I would get beyond upset at some of the stuff he said and did, yet at the same time I didn't want to lose him because (like I said) I've never gone out with anyone before, and being a 15 year old girl that kinda made me feel a little insecure.

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My chemical romance - The light behind your eyes

Finally finished!!
PLEASE read the description in the description box on the featured page!

Let me know what you think
~Pristine xxo

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Just wanna share! xD
Thank you guys!! (Check out my other blog!) <3

~Pristine xxo

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Happy new year everyone!!!

Man I remember 2012 like it was yesterday..

hehe ;)
2013 is gonna be so great and I wish you all the best for this year! :D
The fireworks in London were so great this year! We saw them on TV and they looked awesome!

So happy new year to all you killjoys! <3
And also especially to My chemical romance ^_^ Thanks guys for being such an inspiration! <3

Lots and lots of love,
~Pristine xxo

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new year's resolutions

Have you decided yours yet? :)

Last year I (was an idiot in general...not that much has changed lol) had a long list of 21 resolutions...guess I didn't really get the concept.

However, this year I propose to rightfully have only one;

To be more confident.

It goes into a lot more detail than that but that's all you need to know.
Choose something realistic and something that has importance. Will it make a good difference in your life?
How will it impact you?

Personally, I've learned to try and hook onto any opportunities that the Universe provides me and yet I still feel as-though I don't do enough/just miss out, due to not being confident.
Don't get me wrong - I used to be so incredibly shy!!
I'm definitely much more confident but I'm just fed up of being afraid to raise my voice.
Afraid to speak to people if they're not my friends/family.
I don't want to be loud. Just stronger. Happier.

Hey, maybe I do owe it to myself...

~Pristine xxo

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I can feel the anxiousness of every My Chem fan waiting...
...waiting for them to announce the tour dates o.O

lol well does anyone wanna take a dive and guess the dates? :P

My birthday is 17th February 1997 (idk why you need the year) and I'm praying I'll get tickets to go see MCR! (Which is strange cause I'm not religious... I'm spiritual - I meditate hehe)
I've been a fan of them for years but I've never ever seen them live!
Not even close (evidently it doesn't count if there's a computer screen in the way)

The thing's really expensive.
My dad has been trying to get a job as a teacher for over a year but has been working at a factory ever since we moved to England and it's only on weekends. My mum now does fostering but we're only on the first year so we don't get paid much.

I swear I'm not complaining! xD
We're fine;
We're happy, together - have a roof under our heads and food.
We're more than fortunate.

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Merry Christmas! (late)

Hoping Christmas isn't just 'old news' all of a sudden, cause apparently a lot of my friends think so.
I however am still in the jolly spirit of things ^_^

So what did you all get?
I got a camera which I'm incredibly pleased and grateful for!!
J'adore le camera <3
(Don't know how to speak French at all btw - I'm Albanian) hehe ;)

When I went online though (on Xmas) I found out everyone else got band merch and MCR related things. WOW! Didn't realize they sold so much stuff xD
One of my sisters got me the MCR calender which I LOVE! Couldn't believe it (I got her the Star Wars one for her birthday which was in November)
Thing is though;
1) not allowed to buy stuff off the internet and
2) it's expensive

I'm not at all in any-way-shape-or-pumpkin-soup-form complaining!!!