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Embarrassing but I just went for it :P

PLEASE let me know what you think and whether or not I should make any more like this?
Also leave a comment, rate, SHARE + SUBSCRIBE!

Means a lot guys!
Really appreciate the support :D

Also, Brett actually commented on the video!!! Can't believe it!
Check out his videos if you don't know who he is - (if you like Dan and Phil, I really recommend you do)

~Pristine xxo

Cute baby video ^_^

This is a really old video of my little sister xD
It was years ago and is on a video tape - not DVD so I had to record it from the TV, with my camera :P

This was a few weeks ago..

But I'm gonna just post all my recent videos :)

More of an old video..

~Pristine xxo


Thanks guys :)
~Pristine xxo

Fostering and changing lives <3

Share your thoughts and stories or whatever :)

~Pristine xxo

Sorry I've not been on here for weeks!

Copyright My Chemical Romance


I'm really hoping MCR will see this!!
Guys, I'm making a short film and I'm asking for written permission from you so I can use one of your songs to score the final thing.
I want there to be no copyright claim so please would I be able to?
Let me know so and I'll tell you what the whole thing is about - It's very dark but meaningful at the same time - also my first ever film! :D

~Pristine xxo


Please feel free to express your opinions and views - I would really appreciate them.

Thank you :)
~Pristine xxo

Conventional Weapons music videos

You guys have been so incredibly supportive towards my music video channel, thank you! <3

Just thought I'd put together all the current music videos I've made from conventional weapons into one vlog if you'd like to check them out (in case you haven't seen them)

1) Boy division

2) Ambulance

3) The world is ugly

4) The light behind your eyes

Let me know which is your favorite??
Also I've missed out 2 of the B-sides,

It really IS the end!

can't believe it!!

but don't worry - the doctor will save us!

~Pristine xxo