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Posting this again :P First ever short film!

Really, really hope you guys like this!

It's about depression and suicide ect...
Hope it send a clear message through.

If you are/know someone who's depressed then please watch/share this!
I made it so it could help people and really hope that it does <3

~Pristine xxo

My first ever film!!

If you're feeling depressed or know someone who is then please watch/share this video!
It's about a young girl who feels that way but because she's not stereotyped as an 'emo' or 'goth' ect then people wouldn't think she'd do any of the stuff she does.

PLEASE watch and share cause we all worked very hard!

~Pristine xxo

My video response to Gerard's blog...(PLEASE see this) :P
My Chemical Romance - Surrender the night

Spoiler alert! This video is made up of clips from the film Kill Bill.
If you don't want it to be ruined then don't watch it. THIS FILM IS AGE RESTRICTED 18!
There's lots of use of violence and a hell of a lot of blood (which is good if you're into that sort of thing...not so much if you're not)

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy the video :D

My Chemical Romance - 'Summertime' cover

I don't even know how that happened (look at the picture) o.O
Look, I know everyone's posting stuff about MCR's break up so I want to avoid it. Cried enough today but if you guys see this then I just want to say thank you <3
I could write a billion paragraphs but nevermind. Just know that I appreciate everything <3 ~Pristine xxo

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I also sing 'How to save a life' by The Fray and also 'The change' by Evanescence in this :)

So excited!

I've managed to organise a new filming date! Wednesday after school we're shooting the park scene xD

Hope you enjoy the film when it comes out!! :D

I've been working so hard but it's been extremely fun! ^_^
Can't believe how many people are taking part ALREADY. Had no idea there was this much o.O

Hope this makes you smile :)
Please subscribe to my channel so you can see the film when it's done :) and check out my videos

~Pristine xxo

Old-school vlog

Haven't made one like this in a while :)
Surprisingly got a lot of feedback from people, considering the length of the video..

Feel free to post your opinions on the matter and also share the video.
- sorry I've been posting so much but this is the last one! ^_^
Would love it if you could check out my channels though - sorry I haven't uploaded anything on my other channel in a while...been so busy but I AM working on a new music video for 'Burn Bright' (amazing amazing fucking AMAZING song!!!) <3

~Pristine xxo

Harlem shake e_e

Ok...from the last video 'Crazy in Love', that we're gonna send to Dan and Phil...I had to turn this into a short clip and put it on youtube xD

Subscribe and share :) x

~Pristine xxo

Sending this to Dan and Phil :D

What do you think?? :)

~Pristine xxo