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My parents will never take me alive!

My parents took my coffee jar away and threw it in the bin and are trying to convert me to tea!
They will never take me alive!
-holds my beloved coffee jar-

I need a bloody coffee!

I'm really angry! I didn't have my daily coffee and I'm going to drive my parents nutD because they took my life line away!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! >:(

Mums going into operation tomoz as well as my auntie

They both go in tomoz and m auntie may die but mum will be fine. So stressfull!

I'm really unlucky :(

This is the only year my chem may come to Sydney and I don't have enough for a ticket and I'm 14 so I would have to go with my dad who doesn't really like them. And I've always wanted to go! :(


Today I was going through my attic when I found a guitar. The moment I took the cover off and touched its smooth wood surface I had a feeling this is what I wanted to do. Clarinet is ok but is boring to me and I don't like it much. I've already started playing it. But it just lifted my heart out of its aching pool of despair (read my past blogs to find out why I'm in despair).

Deep sadness

I'm never gonna be able to see my chem in concert because my aunt and mum have surgery the day they in Sydney and I have no money to buy tickets

Happiness found on one of the darkest times....

I'm at home alone my parents are at work, mum is only working a little while then coming home to get ready for hospital. On Tuesday she will be in hospital and she will be theRe till Thursday. But when im In her hospital room in going to listen to mcr for the whole time, cause it makes me feel as if I have hope and everything will be ok.
The one who has death surrounding me.

Stress reliever

At best friends house tonight escaping all the chaos of life, thank god.

Another tragedy, I'm getting repeatedly hit by death

Dear diary
Just found out a close friend of my dads crashed and was killed instantly

My book part 1

FanFic - No.1

A new fight 

I was walking on the outskirts of zone 7 when I heard a low rumble of an engine coming up this old dirt road. I prepared or the worst and pulled out my purple, BLI laser gun.

I aimed straight at the road, ready for the machine to come over the rise in the hill. When the machine came over the pass I was about to fire until I saw the spider on the bonnet of the car.

Before I could speak, a person with a yellow mask put his head out the window.
"Hurry! Get in!"
He yelled from ten metres away, he didn't look like one of the BLI thugs so I guess I should go with him.