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Wow long time no see.... ^_^

Lifes looking happier especially with cherise in my life ^_^
I finally feel like im worth something instead of being prone to hurting myself for not being accepted. I mean my friends accept me but no one else but hey who the fuck cares!
I have cherise, friends and family! ^_^

Happiest girl in the world....

Im happy because i now have someone who loves me for me!
Thank you and luv ya cherise!

Lasers and the Desert Sun - Chapter 2

I heard a loud thud as something hit the ground and turned around almost instantaneously to see a BLI thug fall. I looked straight at the boy with brown and blonde hair. 

"Umm thanks, by the way my names is exterminator baby"

"No problem, names Kobra Kid"

I smiled warmly,

"By the way what are your real names? Mines Katelyn"

"Micheal Way is my name but you can call me Mikey"

He smiled ,

"Oh and by the way katelyn this is frank, ray and Gerard, Gees my brother"

He smiled sheepishly at his brother who gave him a 'Fuck you' look which made mikey chuckle.

"Hehe you two do look alike, and hello

Lasers and the desert sun - Chapter 1

Walking on the outskirts of zone 7 when I heard a low rumble of an engine coming up this old dirt road. I prepared for the worst and pulled out my purple, BLI laser gun.

Aiming straight at the road, ready for the machine to come over the rise in the hill. When the machine came over the pass I was about to fire until I saw the spider on the bonnet of the car.

Before I could speak, a person with a yellow mask put his head out the window.

"Hurry! Get in!"

He yelled from ten metres away, he didn't look like one of the BLI thugs so I guess I should go with him.

"Hurry up sunshine! We gotta go!"

U wanna know me better? Than read

1:Are you ready for 130 questions?
Yeah, guess there's nothing better to do.

2: Was your last relationship a mistake?
Never had one.

3: Do you miss your last relationship?
Dunno, never been in one

4: Who did you last say i love you to?
Tough question, I would have to say my mum

5: Do you regret it?

6: Have you ever been depressed?

7: Are you a boy or girl?
Girl (or am I?)

8: Are you insecure?
Meh I have no clue

9: What is your relationship status?

10: How do you want to die?
With someone I love and not knowing I will

11: What did you last eat?
Plain Piece of bread

12: Have

Killjoy pride (Re-post of you're a true killjoy)

Proud to be a Killjoy.
Proud to be a Soldier.
Proud to live life.
Proud of each other.
Looking for tomorrow, if it's brave enough to show it's face.
It's us against the world.

~ Sunshine
~ Exterminator baby (Killjoymcrmy)

I think I lost one of my best friends! D:

My friend lives in Indiana America and they just got hit by a tornado! I really need to know if shes okay.
Her name is cherise and she has a profile on here her name is
If u have any info please tell me!
She is 19 and female

My Fave weather: rain and near where I live may get flooded.

I live on a hill and near where I live is a lake and it may overflow so that's gonna be fun.

Leave me feedback on my shitty poetry!

What if I died tomorrow,
Would there be sorrow?

Scarlet lines on my arms I wear,
All those lines I cannot bare.

What happens to all the blood shed?
Has it been hidden with the dead?

This roller coaster had twists and bends,
But tonight is the night this ride ends.

The shiny bullet is your death,
So take in one last breath.

Now there's nothing left except to wonder the other side,


All it is, is pain.
Pain that is I am enduring in the rain.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

1. What is your middle name?

2. Where are you from?
3.What color are your eyes?
Blue with tinges of green 

4. How tall are you?
178 cm 

5. What did u want to be when u were little?

A zombie :P

6. What genre of music do u listen to?
Rock, emo, alternative, screamo, gothic rock, punk-grunge and metal

7. What is your favorite food?

8 What's your favorite color(s)?
Red, white and black

9. What color do u want your hair?
Red with black roots

10 What are you labled as?
Weird, popular emo, freaky ass emo, dirty and faggot

11. do u like people?
Depends on the type of person