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Life sucks <:P

First of all schools being an ass
Second Dads been deployed to afghanistan for 6 months
Thirdly bullying is getting to much to handle.
Fourthly some of my friends are saying things behind my back

Im just sick of it all, sometimes i just wish i could just never had to be around

Boredom on a friday night with makeup....what shall i ever do? XD

And this is what i do, make myself a skeleton and have creepy smiles at my friend keegan over video chat XD
Always fun on a friday night

Ahhhhhh best english class ever yesterday!!!!!!!!!

Misfits, Blink 182 and MCR blasting through my head phones and chatting to my girlfriend.
Ahhhh so perfect! ^_^ <3
Love ya ches!!! :D

Love these images!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Just some random images

I pebbles drew one of my bff's called Bam Bam!!! :D

Tried drawing a friend called bam bam two days ago.
It was a success! ^_^

Worst day in the whole world.... <:(

Firstly sister breaks my ipod screen, then mum yells at me to the get out of the house!
I didnt even get to say goodbye or i love you too her.
Only people making me feel happy are my friends and girlfriend and the councellor.

You guyz wanted more of my drawings? HERE THEY ARE! :D

Soz theyre all sideways but please not in EVERY drawing i do there are no rulers or tracings used ^_^

Some more of my drawings! :D

All my drawings!!!!
The bottom one is of my wall ^_^
And i made the mask for my gf cherise :D
Note all free hand and no rulers ^_^

I got really bored in Religious Education so i have decided to write a fanfic for my gf.
Yes im les all you homophobes out there! And im proud!
But i might just upload some photos of my drawings cause im bored ^_^
I drew helena and i drew a ray gun a few months ago along with the black parade leader ^_^

Supp Guyz! Take back the Zone and dont give a shit bout what people say!

People say a lot of wierd and mean stuff to people who are different and it really hurts. I should know cause i was bullied nearly all my life but i stuck to being myself and doing what i love. Now i have a beatiful girlfriend who i love more than anything in this world and she loves me for me ^_^

But if you feel like you need to fit in more and it becomes really urgent then try cause it, it may make a difference and make you happier.

Anyways lets take back the Zone so its a safe place for all once again with all this crap advertisement gone!