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I met my hero!

I met gerard way last night as it was so cool!!!! :D
I said thank you for saving my life and he said that's fine hun!
Then he signed my poster!!!! >~<
Then during the show I screamed out fuck the daily mail then grant morrison and I screamed it again together >~<

R.I.P my baby girl stormy

12:05pm on saturday my baby (my dog) stormy closed her eyes forever
She was 9 years old and was my little sister and best friend
I miss her so much
She was my first little sister
The one who didn't judge me and showed me unconditional love
She protected my family so much
She tried fighting her cancer so hard just so she could see her daddy come home from Afghanistan after 7 months
i kept a lock of her hair where they shaved her paw to give her the green dream

I watched her die
I felt her go cold
I saw her go limp in my fathers arms

My baby girl stormy
Your family loves you so much and will


Females Apply Only

1. Katelyn
2. 14 and 10 months
3. 6'1
4. Sapphire with hazel rings around the pupils
5. Red dye
6. I dunno
7. Australia
8. 1979 Trans am
9. Maybe
10. No
11. No
12. Yes
13. Any really, I make rpg games too
14. Yes
15. No
16. No where
17. Yes
18. Coffee
19. Dry noodles
20. Dark emo gothic
21. Blood red
22. Mama
23. Emo
24. I discovered it after listening to this band for 12 years

If you can hear me screaming why can't you see me bleeding?

The one thing I want is to runaway
Runaway with my girl
Hit the road
Never look back

But I know that won't happen for a while

I live by the first quote image of Gerard
"Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect,
It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections"

Oh my rocky horror! Give me more Tim curry!

Forever loving this fucking epic movie
If you haven't seen it, you have not lived! D:
It's my 3rd fave movie!!!!!

What a week

Got bored so I drew a Disney zombie princess mash up
Went and made a fruit cake inventing a song for it
I'm a little fruit cake
Fruit cake fruit cake
I'm a little fruit cake
Full of rum
Then went out to a hand made market and bought pentagrams and pumpkins

With words I thought I'd never speak

I thank you for the fun times
The bad times were you picked me up when I fell
I owe you so much yet can only give so little
I thank you so much for everything my chemical romance
I've been shot by your Bullet of music
I've embraced the pain you suffered and turned it into Revenge
I've marched along with my clothes forever Blackend
I've been the happiest gunslinger and rebel to exact Danger all the Days of my life
I've been so happy to be apart of your Weapons of mass destruction

And will forever be yours
I will soldier on and still stand up for you and
I'm not afraid to keep on living, I'm

No posts in a while :/

Here's some images
The last one I drew is about the you get generation being controlled by television

My days with drama....

First of all sister got the way she wanted again
Second I'm freezing my ass off in the middle of summer, (wtf?)
Third I got a nightmare before Christmas doll and my sis cracked the shots
Fourth my school books are epic