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30 Days of MCR Challenge: day 1- favorite album
Just because you liked them first does not mean you own them.

I need a place to vent. I would have normally done this on deviantArt but she has an account there too. Anyway. My friend likes this band called Tokyo Police Club. They're kind of hipster, not that popular. She kind of got me into them. I don't like them as much as she does, but I think they're good. So, I made a stamp ( and she was like, "You've got to be kidding. I can't believe this. There are certain boundaries that one should not cross."

So I replied with, "I'm not allowed to like them just because you liked them first?"

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I was bored, so...

Thought I should post some fan art... so here's a painting I did of the I'm Not Okay (I Promise) cover.

The Truth

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