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Who else feels like they're friends left them in the dust.


I'm still sick. GOD! I hate being sick, on top of that I have allergies. My eyes are puffy, i have a cough, it's hard to breath. MEH! I'm missing school. And I love school because of my friends.

Someone Save Us!

Gerard, you're unbelievable. Let's leave it as that.

Ray you're unbelievable. Let's leave it as that.

Mikey you're unbelievable. Let's leave it as that.

Frank you're unbelievable. Let's leave it as that.

(Okay off from what I just wrote, my dog just had a tick on him. EWW! but its gone now, we went through a procedure, IT'S ALL GOOD!)

I would.

My friend: Are you coming to school tomorrow?

Me: Are you going to die tomorrow?

Don't you hate it. *rolls eyes*

Suddenly a music video pops on the tv and a guy starts pulling off his shirt. Of coarse he's ripped. I hate it when guys are overly excessively ripped. It's just -shakes head-


I learned the into to Sleep on the piano. It's missing a few notes, but its pretty damn close. The cooler part is it's raining outside, so I shoved open all my windows and played to the cars passing by. Rain and thunder is the best thing to play music for. It just adds more emotion. X3


Me: -Bug lands on me- AHHH GET IT OFF! -screams like a little girl and runs inside- AHHHH!

Me: -Spider is in my room it's 10:30 pm, runs to mom's room- MOM THERE'S A HUGE SPIDER IN MY ROOM! -She swears gets up and kills it- I thought it would be bigger. -She says-

Me: -Listens to "Demolition Lovers" and cries-

Me: -Listens to "Desert Song" over and over over over again-

Me: -Trips in hallway- OMG DID YOU SEE THAT!?!??! -Laughs at myself-

Me: -goes through MCR photos to procrastanate on homework-

Me -writes the "me" things-

Day to day

My day summed up, Crying, glowing drinks, more crying...

Made a music video to calm my nerves

The song is "Headfirst for Halos" By ures truly: My Chemical Romance. Please watch and tell me your thoughts. its only the second video I've made.

wtf is wrong with me?

OI finally told my mom I suffer depression, I told her I want to talk to someone. I told her I'm not okay, I told her I know somethin serious is wrong with me. As I write this I am balling my eyes out. I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't know If I have something to live for. I don't be alive right now. FUCK! I need some help, I feel so helpless. What's going on, why am I crying. I surivivng cause I know mcr wants me too. I just cant feel like I can sruvive anymore. Please help me!