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You caught me red handed. Cheezy I know, so I painted my hand so I could do the hand prints on my painting. Yep just thought I'd share this random photo with ya guys.

I sort of...almost...set the house on fire. hehe.

Um...hehe long story.....Fire alarm went off in my house cause of me....haha, here's where it gets funny. You see I was trying to set my journal on fire, I caught the side on fire. and BAM Beep beep beep *Fire* the alarm goes off. I start screaming, I put out the small flame and start waving the book around. Little firey ashes flew everywhere. I scream more cause I think I'm going to put the house on fire. My mom is in the attic yelling at me saying "Bre! The house is not on fire!" The alarm stops, finally and I'm like how do you know, you weren't down here to see me make and arse of myself.


I feel like Frank-motherfucking-Iero. I am so asking for my hairdresser to make this a permanent cut for me.

Ya guys like my painting????

Alright now where to hang it in my room???? Now it's just drying.


Remember my rant the other day of how I feel useless. Well when is this feeling going to go away?
Right now my life is boring, so boring. It bugs me to shreds. all I want to be doing right now, is to be singing on a stage, with a crowd of people listening. I want to be just like mcr when I grow up, but I'm always afraid I'm never going to get there. Meh...I feel like my life has no purpose once again.

Still on repeat. o.O XD

Deadmau5- Professional Griefers w/th Gerard Way, it's still on fuckin repeat cuase it's that fuckin awesome. VuV


Going straight for the steroids, No I mean, well they are steroids, but they're to help me with my bronchitis. Yippie right. And afterwards I get to shake my butt off from the side effects. It sucks to hace asthma and bronchitis. -_-


Representing Air Force! WOOT WOOT! I got this tank top like 5 years ago and now it finally fits, Now I can represent my brothers force. YES!


This much homework for only missing 2 days! Rediculous.


I painted this painting today while I stayed home. It was an idea I got off of the song someone commented on my status. "Caught like a Fly" by Falling in Reverse. So you like the painting guys?