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Hey opinions?

So I wrote some lyrics for my bands first song. Tell me if there good please. And do not copy these....thanks.

Song name: Untitled

I think of the bruises and cuts contaminating my body, and the injustice of them, the people who put them there, the people who made me feel like I’d lost.

I think of all the people that have made me who I am.

Suddenly, I know exactly what I want.

I don’t want to give up anymore.

I want to fight.

And I want to win.

~Starting to sing~
They better run, with there backs turned to me.
Their souls dilated with fear.
The gun I'm holding is the key.
And there

Once again...

Once again my friend and I were talking about crazy things on how I'd meet Gerard. the third Idea was I'd send myslef in a refrigerartor (sorry if spelled wrong) box. Gerard would be like "Woah no way a free fridge!" and I'd be in there like hehehehee. He opens it and is like "No not you again!" I'm like "Please I'm so hungry!" and he just awardly pushes me back in the box and tapes it shut and resends it to owner as if none of that ever happened. I about laughed my whatever people say up!

Hey guys!

Idk kind of board.
So my friend wants me to draw this cartoon of where I meet gerard....
Oh's definately funnt and creepy.
We go to this concert, and she goes and gets a drink, she comes back, I'm gone, she turns to the stage and she's like...oh no not again. I'm on stage making out with Gerard. Frank is like NO he's my man! and Ray's trying to pull me off. Mikey is just poker face. So Gerard and I get arressted. He gets arressted cause he made out with a minor. I got marry cause I kissed a famous person. So they ran out of jail cells. So gerard and I have to share one.